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What happens at H2H stays at H2H...

H2H - Haney to Harrison - 100 km road race - solo or 8 person relay. I had done this a couple of years ago with some friends and had fun so while we were all still on the high of Stormy I suggested we should do H2H. The response was overwhelming! In the end we had enough for 4 teams and what a blast we had. My team - Team Focawee did a pirate theme that I am sure everyone noticed us especially with our mascot Ratly the pirate rat and the Silver tooth with pirate flag and Firdie Focawee our Parrot attached. There was also The Sweat bandits and The ambulance Chasers and I never did catch our 4 team's name. I have to say though the Ambulance Chasers had the most impressive finish with their final runner - my husband running his leg in a hospital gown as it is worn in a hospital.... It was quite a sight to see. The party afterwards held by BC Athletics was too much fun with lots of dancing among other things. Suffice it to say - alcohol, sleep-deprived runners and cameras are alw

Never Underestimate the power of a Princess.

Some events have happened over the last few days in my family that made me reflect on how we all have inner strength and how we can choose to harness it and use it to accomplish things, to fight even when it seems so incredibly hard or unfair or we can choose to - for whatever the reason - not, sometimes with devastating results. This time it was okay... So in the aftermath I thought about all the women I know and how far we have all come and evolved over the last few years as people and athletes. How at one point or another we have all reached deep within our selves to find strength whether to finish a race, a class, face a medical issue, a sudden family loss, break up or the end of a freindship. It seemed like the right time to talk about Stormy and a friend who's inner strength and determination truly amaze me. Cynthia - aka Princess - is a lady that I met while training for my 2nd marathon. We run, train and co-coach half marathons together and co-founded the How Bad Can it

Oh my aching quads!

Well I can actually walk and run again with minimal pain, my quads are starting to feel better. Last Sunday instead of going for a run Vicki called and invited me out for a hike. At first I said no but changed my mind. The hike was to be the Lions which is in my backyard and I have never been up there. The Lions are two side by side mountains on the Sea to Sky Highway. It was going to be one of the last clear days this year and well my border collie - Bishop- would absolutely love it! Plus it was a little shamefull that I had never been to the top and I lived at the base of the trail head. So after thinking about it some more I decided that me and the dog would head up with Vicki and the girls (Cynthia and Tanis). How bad could it be? It is only a mountain! We got up bright and early on Sunday, packed our bags with water, lunch, gels, extra jackets, gloves, camera and such. The hike was to take about 7 hours there and back. Now let me preface this by saying I was born in the

Victoria with my pal Victoria!

Last weekend I went to Victoria and ran my 3 rd full Marathon and I have to say that this one was the most fun! I had not planned on doing a fall marathon and only decided – actually that is not quite true to decide means I had a choice in the matter – to do this race in August. Why was I doing Victoria? Because two of my gal pals had decided that this was to be their first full. Actually for my friend Victoria (aka “Vic the awesome running machine”) it was technically her second full but that is a whole other post I will do in the near future. Kirsten one of my clinic grads and now close buddies decided after some minor teasing that she was going to do a full. OMG was all I said when she told me she had registered. I tried to explain that we were teasing her but well she is young, spunky and apparently overly impressionable. So the dye was cast the gang was going to Victoria to do the full. The morning of, my roommate for the weekend, June, and I headed down to the start line 3

Ugh - the pool

Well as part of my quest for Ironman 2009 I have registered along with my hubby for Oliver Half Iron next June. (Gulp) To say I am a little anxious is the understatement if you read the first post you would know that my last attempt at a Half Ironman was less than spectacular. The whole thing did not go as I planned but the swim was the start of the unravel. As a kid I loved swimming and thought I was pretty good at it. I took lessons, I was a volunteer lifeguard at the local pool and I swam all the time. Okay so I did not swim in races or with a club but I was in the pool or a lake constantly. When I started doing triathlons I was not that concerned about the swim except to make sure I could swim the distance constantly without stopping and that was how I trained. Go to the pool get in the water and do lengths constantly equaling the distance for the race 3 times a week makes sense right – apparently not so much. I came to realize this when I entered a wo

The original running pal- Joycie

In the last post I mentioned that I ran/trained with friends. Back when I first started running , I thought it would be a one-off half marathon and I would go back to my carefree days of beer-league softball, golf and couch potato channel surfing. If you had told me in 2002 that I would not only have run that half but gone on to run a couple of fulls, start coaching others to run, and planning an Ironman I would have told you, you were insane. Well to be honest I still say the Ironman thing is insane but that is no reason not to do something anymore. Along the way I have had the distinct honour and pleasure of running with lots of truly inspirational people and have formed some fabulous friendships. One friend is Joyce - my first true and oldest running pal. She was the only person I think that noticed I was even in that first half marathon clinic. In my first half marathon clinic I was the slowest person in the clinic for a number of reasons but mostly due to some plantar fascietis

How it all all started...

How it all started? How did I get from a Softball team (an excuse to drink- team name Thirsty Camels...) camping weekend to planning to do Ironman in 2009? It is a pretty convuluted story but suffice it to say it can always be explained by the tagline - How Bad can it Be? My name is Shaunene - I am known by most as Shaun. I set this blog up to share a little about my journey to Ironman but mostly to introduce you to some truly fabulous women I run and train with and possibly inspire a few of you to get off the couch and do something. My friends and I come from all spectrum's of life and all age groups some of us are faster than others, some of us are beginners, some are in their 20's, some in their 50's, some only run 10km, some do Ultra's (50km and over) but the one thing we all have in common is that we like an adventure, a challenge, to push the envelope, and to have a whole lot of fun while we do it. Oh and we never, EVER unless it is physically impossible q