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Dear cyclists be ambassadors.

Since I have clearance to ride again - I asked for the parameters - rules and regulations from my Physio - how far, can I add tension, can I get out of the saddle and how often. No still keep tension off - hmmph No do not get out of the saddle - hmmph How often - lets try  twice a week and if that is okay  then you may add a day - yeah How far - lets look at time - okay - how long - NOT 4 hours - 2 hours should be good - okaaaay So riding to work ok - yes but that is included in your twice a week - okay. Very exciting!!!! So yesterday I got my stuff together and me and Isis set off - since I leave around 6:15 am in the morning my ride in is pretty non-eventful. The ride home - whole other story.... If you want to hit a hot button topic - talk about cycling in Vancouver - at least once a week a talk show host gets on line and bashes cyclists - it does not help that City Hall keeps shoving bike lanes and such down taxpayers throats without thoughtful discussion - but that

Oliver Half Ironman 2012 - Spectator Report & Wine tour

This past weekend was the Oliver Half Ironman.  Joe and I have been doing this race for the past 5 years.  It is a favorite of ours and makes for a nice holiday. Now calm down - I did not race I was able to get a deferral to next year.  I went up to watch Joe race, do some light riding  and to do some wine tastings :).  There are so many amazing wineries up there and because I am always racing I never go so this was my opportunity. I would say I had a rather successful weekend and came home with 10 bottles from various wineries - it is going to be a good summer!  The wineries I hit in Oliver are Wild Goose, Oliver Twist and Hidden Chapel.  I also hit a few just outside Penticton on the Naramata Bench - Blue Ruby and Black Widow.  I like to go to the smaller wineries because I feel like they are not so commercial, their wines are very nice and the owners are usually the ones running the tasting room so you get to have a wonderful conversation about the history of their winery and su