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What happens at H2H stays at H2H...

H2H - Haney to Harrison - 100 km road race - solo or 8 person relay. I had done this a couple of years ago with some friends and had fun so while we were all still on the high of Stormy I suggested we should do H2H. The response was overwhelming! In the end we had enough for 4 teams and what a blast we had. My team - Team Focawee did a pirate theme that I am sure everyone noticed us especially with our mascot Ratly the pirate rat and the Silver tooth with pirate flag and Firdie Focawee our Parrot attached. There was also The Sweat bandits and The ambulance Chasers and I never did catch our 4 team's name. I have to say though the Ambulance Chasers had the most impressive finish with their final runner - my husband running his leg in a hospital gown as it is worn in a hospital.... It was quite a sight to see. The party afterwards held by BC Athletics was too much fun with lots of dancing among other things. Suffice it to say - alcohol, sleep-deprived runners and cameras are alw