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Mileage Versus Time - being a Smart Runner

Most runners, at least the ones I know have a little OCD mixed in with Type A characteristics. This is not meant to be a negative – as a triathlete I tell everyone I have ADD, OCD and triple TYPE A – try being me!?!   It is exhausting some days.      So how am I relating this all to the mileage versus time debate you ask?   Well as endurance runners – yes if you run anything over 5km, in my book, you are now an endurance athlete.   There are levels but yep you have definitely moved past the 20 minute after work run – and if you can do 10 km in 20 min – well I dislike you a little bit.   Again back to– see the ADD thing I am not kidding – tying this together.   Once our mileage goes up and we start doing half marathons, full marathons, ultras and such we start to become more obsessive about our mileage.   Especially those who are new to long distance running.   There is this fear that if you do not get the exact precise mileage down that the schedule says great catas

Avoiding injury depression

As the mileage starts to increase the aches and pains increase and the chance of injury as well. Recently I started listening to Podcasts .  One podcast I am enjoying immensely is IM Talk.  They talk about everything to do with Ironman, triathlon training, racing, nutrition, and so on and so forth.  I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in triathlon. One of the topics on their most recent podcast was Injury and how to not become depressed and stressed out while rehabbing.   As soon as they started talking about it I knew I was nodding my head and thinking Bingo.  We all know what it is like - we start out training and then it becomes part of our life, it defines us and it is what we do. The sense of pride and accomplishment that we get after we finish that 29km run on Sunday morning.   Especially as we decide to get into longer distances - marathon, Ironmans and Ultra's.  Things go great and then all of the sudden boom injured.  Most of us freak out - go