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NUTRITION – the other Discipline in Triathlon

NUTRITION – the other Discipline in Triathlon Everyone hears Triathlon and they go Swim, Bike, Run – 3 disciplines WOW - but there is actually a 4 th discipline and if you don’t nail it the other 3 will suffer and quite possibly can end up causing the dreaded DNF (did-not-finish) on race/event day no matter how much training you did.   It is NUTRITION   - if you are not eating and hydrating properly you will suffer – during training and definitely on event day .   I will be honest my nutrition plan this time around has been absolute #!@*@ .   Let’s face it, you will always drop a bit of weight when training for Iron distance events but I have never dropped 40lbs any other time.      Now some of this is due to the running streak but a lot of it is due to just not eating enough or properly. So with 2 months to go until race day I have to start working on my nutrition and get my plan in place because quite frankly I have not been on top of this at all. That means I need to

Freaking out with 10.5 weeks to Race Day

With only just over 10 weeks – (I think I just threw up a little in my mouth) to the Triman in Spain I am not gonna lie – I am starting to freak out a bit.   Which is not very Bad Ass of me at all. The running portion is not going to be an issue as long as I stay injury free.   The problem is I have to do a swim and a “wee” bike ride before I get to run.   I have been pretty consistent in my swimming – I will get it done – I am not speedy but I am consistent and persistent.   The bike this is where an Ironman will come crashing down if you have not done your time in the saddle.   I will own it I have not put as much time on the bike as I normally do – I have been consistently doing Power classes since last fall but December, Jan and Feb got derailed.   The weather sucked – too much snow/ice and I live on the side of a mountain.   Which really is me just making up a good story because there is a trainer in the house that I could have been getting on and well I did   a few ti