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Do you fear Failure?

One of my coaches asked us the question - Do you fear Failure? It is an interesting question - he said that a lot could be learned by our responses as to how we train and compete. My initial gut response - was ahhhhh - YEP. But then I thought about it some more. I guess it depends on what your definition of failure is. Yes in some ways I am afraid of failure and honestly I don't think that is always a bad thing. I think you have to look at the situation or the event. Bungee jumping for example - yep if the cord fails I am afraid of that. Sky diving - yep fear of failing at that because probably means death..... However I am not so afraid of failure as to not try something for me that would be sad - think of all the things you would never try. Someone close to me wanted to change careers - they were extremely unhappy and talked incessantly about how unhappy they were and how they wanted to change careers - after listening to this for an extremely long time I finally sai

We are not hood ornaments!

A friend's son-in-law was hit this past Monday while riding his bike to work. Not only was he hit but the driver then proceeded to push/drag him down the road for awhile before it occured to him to hang up his phone and see what might be in the way of his front tire! I get that you were busy on the phone with your friend while you were trying to change the cd and hold your coffee that you picked up at the Tim HOrtons that you just had made the right turn out of into my friend. I get it. What I don't get and why I am miffed is that you would then proceed to falsify your statement to the police and talk your victim -YES VICTIM in to dragging himself - correct I said drag himself off the road. Unbelievable comes to mind. Thankfully the victim had called into work and told them he had been hit, he was right by work and they sent the first aid team out. Thankfully they heard the driver freaking out on his cell phone to his friends that he was on his cell phone and did not s

The long Hill

You think you are doing okay you are following the program - working harder than you did last year. Right that is how it goes. Not so much. I met with coach for the first ride on the road with her and really the first ride since the accident. She wanted to see how our fitness was and how we were on our new bikes. Things were going pretty good until we hit the hills - then I fell back. Don't get me wrong I would get back on the group on the flats and take the lead on the downhills but get dropped on the uphills. ARGHHHH. Frustrating on a normal basis but I am a climber it is what I am good at. In Coach's words this is our star climber well not anymore. Stupid accident. Well it is okay though as I said to coach I am concerned but not freaking out it is only February and it was the first ride. SO now I need to get physio and chiro to work on the right leg because the pain was pretty intense by the end of the ride. Sigh - I repeat getting hit by a car sucks. On ano