The long Hill

You think you are doing okay you are following the program - working harder than you did last year. Right that is how it goes.

Not so much. I met with coach for the first ride on the road with her and really the first ride since the accident. She wanted to see how our fitness was and how we were on our new bikes. Things were going pretty good until we hit the hills - then I fell back. Don't get me wrong I would get back on the group on the flats and take the lead on the downhills but get dropped on the uphills. ARGHHHH.

Frustrating on a normal basis but I am a climber it is what I am good at. In Coach's words this is our star climber well not anymore. Stupid accident. Well it is okay though as I said to coach I am concerned but not freaking out it is only February and it was the first ride. SO now I need to get physio and chiro to work on the right leg because the pain was pretty intense by the end of the ride.

Sigh - I repeat getting hit by a car sucks. On another note throw out a prayer for June bug's son-in-law - he got hit yesterday on his bike and did not get off so lucky as I - he is still in hospital waiting for surgery on a broken leg.

Me I am clinging on to my horseshoe and thankful that he will survive.

Peace out Shaun


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