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My feet have ADD.

Yesterday was the 4th in the 5 Peaks Series - Whistler.  I did not run it......  now hold on - I have some good reasons.  This was supposed to be a down year and well I came to the realization that I am pretty much training as hard as I did last year for Ironman - just minus the swimming.  I am training 6 days a week in preparation for the Gran Fondo and the New York Marathon.  It is taking its toll on me. For those who have not trail raced it is a double-edged sword - the course are stunning - when you get a chance to look around.  They are fun, exciting, terrifying and super challenging.  There is no down-time or auto pilot on a trail race- you are in the moment the whole race.  I love it.  I am not great at them but am getting alot better and look forward to the runs as exhausting and difficult as they can be.  The thing about trail running is you have to trust your feet.  Your brain already reads and tells your feet what to do.  But what do you do when your feet have ADD?!?

The Big Climb

Okay so maybe the climb was not Avoriaz but it was tough enough. I have mentioned that there is a new bike race this year the Whistler Gran Fondo. This is a 120km bike ride from Vancouver to Whistler Ski resort along the Sea – to- Sky highway. We have put in a women’s team and a few of us decided to ride the Squamish to Whistler portion this past Saturday. The plan was to meet in Squamish – the halfway point of the race – ride the last 60km to Whistler, coffee and then ride back to the cars in Squamish. This would give us a bird’s eye view of the last 60km of the race where most of the climbing will be. Saturday was a hot one and of course it gets hotter the higher and more inland you go. I realized as soon as we started riding that I forgot to put on Sunscreen. – Ah what are you going to do? The first bit was not bad and being a climber I was like this is not too bad. Overall the ride up was not bad there was a lot of wind so it helped t

Helloooo - Anyone out there?

I know I have been remiss in posting but it was with good reason. My lawyer asked me to stop posting and go off-line till I had settled with ICBC. It was the least I could do since I insisted that I wanted this finished and to move on. I am happy to report that I have settled and now no longer have to worry about being followed and such. Not that it really stopped me before but it is just nice to close the door and move on. So what’s been going on since April/May lots!!!! Some triumphs and some frustrations and in between a whole lot of training. I was a pace bunny at the Vancouver Half Marathon and promoted myself up to 2:15 as my recovery has been going well. I am pleased to report that I did 2:14:34 a smidge fast but what’s a bunny to do? In April Special K, Pam and I started doing trail running clinics in anticipation of running the 5 Peaks trail race series and possibly putting in a relay team in to Stormy. The clinics are run by Tom and Duncan from Solomon Flight Cre