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Bad Blogger, Bad Blogger

Seriously, I have no excuses.  Not sure how life gets away but it does. SO lets see last time I posted I had been in an epic battle with my bike and the trainer in which the trainer won.  Well Isis got fixed up just fine and we back out on the roads where we belong. Work has been crazy but I love it.  My last clinic for a while ended and we had a great wrap-up-dinner.  The group all had great times and I succssfully maintained my title as the most on time pace bunny ever.  The bunny contract this year was 2hr 15 and I came in at 2 hr 14 min, 46 seconds.  So contract fulfilled.  I have stepped back from the clinics for awhile and it has been with mixed feelings.  The clinics have been my baby for a long time but with work as busy as it is and Joe's Ironman year and some peronal things I am contemplating it just seemed like the right time.  DOn't get me wrong I miss the peeps and I am still getting used to having Thursday nights to myself but not too wory I am finding my rhyt