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Miss Consistent -June Bug

I owe you all an apology.  Sorry Sometimes you forget why you starting doing something, it is not intentional you just do.  Last night I was looking at the blog and for some reason I read my little bio on the side. The original reason for starting this blog was to celebrate my friends and our adventures and to hopefully motivate others to get off the couch and realize they can do anything they want to - that really How bad can it be? In the past few years I have veered from this path.  It is time to get back on track and introduce you to more of my super amazing running/tri peeps. I want to tell you about my friend June - aka JUNE-BUG.  The most consistent and dedicated runner I know. I met June in 2006. I was training for my second marathon and was a pace leader for the 4:30 group.  June was training to run her first marathon - what she failed to mention was that she had power walked 5 marathons!  She started walking them to have something to do while she was waiting for her

Taking it to the Trail side Hardcore

Hey peeps So as most of you know I love running on trails but when I am training for Ironman distance triathlons I usually move away from trails to road.  I do this because I don't want to risk rolling an  ankle or worse on technical trails and risk getting to the start line of my race(s). Well Tri season is over and I was able to get in on the last race of the 5Peaks series - Buntzen -a technical course but not so nuts that I figured I would be okay.  On my post Roth/Penticton high I decided what the heck lets do the Enduro course - I mean really how bad can it be?  16km of up and down - I got this. Well one of the things is that when you push and push and don't take a break or probably recover is your body sometimes fights back. About  a week and a half before the race I noticed this weird little rash on my tummy (I would say stomach but I have a tummy - no washboard abs here ).  I did not think too much about it but then it kept spreading.  HMMM by the weekend I wa

Lambs gone wild - Penticton Challenge 2015

Well by now most of you have figured out I love the race in Penticton  and am a firm supporter of the Challenge Group. Our relay team in last year's race had a blast and Joe had a great day.  Flash forward to November 2014 and I am chatting with a friend at work about Penticton and how her Husband should go and do the full race there, race the original Ironman course,  get great athlete support and oh hey you could throw in a relay team for the half to have something to do while he is racing. I told her how much fun we had, about our costumes and shirts , driving around the course - carrying a large head poster of Joe,  about the beer garden at the finish line, about the great fan support, about the awesome food at the end and the fireworks at midnite and on and on and on.   I really should just work for these people... Now I had no thought of doing the race because I was going to Germany to do a full in July and absolute craziness to race in August but I was going to go up v

Roth 2015. -race report

Wow where to start.    In 2012 I said I will do 1 more ironman just to prove that the first 1 was not a fluke.  Challenge came and took over penticton that year and my friend Judith and I registered with them rather than wait to see where Ironman would be.  I wanted to prove I could do the same course and do it faster, I also met Felix, owner of Challenge and he convinced me to trust his group would respect the course and take care of us athletes.  I finished that race and can say that the Challenge team met and exceeded all my expectations. I was satisfied -goal done.  Then at the rewards dinner Felix got up and started speaking about Challenge's race in Roth.  They showed a video and by the end of the dinner I turned to Joe and said 1 more.   I am going to go to Roth ; him: " I thought this was the last one?"  Me: look at it -I have to do it.  And the quest began.  Flash forward to June 2014 and registration day.  It is online registration and sells out in 90 sec.  

Heart Rate Training = losing the ego and being selfish

Hi all - Lets just skip me going on about my sad excuses for not posting more often - life just gets busy especially when you are training for CHALLENGE ROTH. For all of you that were in a coma - yes I got in - Santa came through.  Well actually high-speed internet, being able to type quickly  and coffee at 3am in the morning came through with the final result being I am in. I was super excited and happy and then JOE said to me innocently - "what was your last time for Challenge in Pentiction?" Me - 16 hours and change. Him - hmmm - you know the cut-off is 15hours. Me - wave of anxiety and nausea - "NO - it is always 17 hours" Him - you should check the website - pretty sure it is 15 hours Me - why are you messing with me it is 17 hours - I go to the website - CRAP it is 15 hours Him - you would think you would have checked that BEFORE registering. ME - when do I EVER check ahead.  You should have warned me! Him - would it have changed. Me -