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Exercise is a Lifestyle, Not an Event

So first I will be completely honest - I stole the title from another article on  because I loved it and I have been searching for a title for this post. I have been thinking about this post for awhile now based on a lot of conversations with different people over the past few months and more with the change in my personal mind set.  In a previous post I mentioned that I had an epithany during my 2013 Oliver Half Ironman.  So I had my "ah Ha" moment but now to learn from it, share it and implement it. I feel like I need to start back in 2000 when I decided with some friends over many beers at a camp out that we would do a marathon.  Had always wanted to do one and it seemed like a fantastic idea.  I even got up the next morning feeling a little rough and went out for a 10km run with the guys and when we got back promptly crawled back in my tent and collapsed.  However the seed was planted - I did some research and found out that there was a marathon in Van

I am not amazing

For those that know me I am confident - I know who I am, I OWN it.  I don't hide me and my views and quite frankly I am an opinionated, stubborn, strong Bitch.  I know this and I own it - I make no apologies for it. I however am not a braggart - if you ask I will tell you and I see nothing wrong with talking about your hobbies and accomplishments.  I earned my tattoo and wear it proudly but I don't walk in each Monday morning and announce what I did on the weekend.  (Now facebook and the blog are a bit different so I guess maybe I do brag - sigh) I try to do some physical activity every day - ride to work, run at lunch, swim, stretch (OK THAT WAS A FIB)  but honestly I do try to do something.  I do it because I worry about my weight - any woman over 40 pre-menopausal does and because it makes me feel better.  Lately at work people have noticed that I run at lunch or ride to work.  A few know I race and ask about it  - I don't advertise it, the conversations just happe