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Perspective and Hope

For the last 6 weeks or so I have been dealing with  my injury - torn calf muscle and it has been a bit of a roller coaster for me. I lead an incredibly busy and full life and my coping skills for stress is to run or ride and well I have not had that to help me vent.  This is also how I socialize with all my friends - runs and rides - so to put it bluntly I have been pretty self pitying and while the rational part of me is like - get-over-yourself it is not that big a deal.  The emotional - I am a LEO after all - is messing with my psyche alot. However over the last week a lot of things have happened that quite frankly put my little injury into perspective.  In the last week a friend has had to put down her adolescent dog very suddenly - if you are not a dog owner or lover then it is a little hard to understand but it was upsetting and I gave Bishop a big hug when I got home on Tuesday.  Some people I know have just been diagnosed with cancer - always unsettling and upsetting and t

Running is Bad for you!

As you all know I have been recently sidelined with a pretty serious running injury - torn soleus muscle.  To say it has sucked is the understatement of the year. Now in my civilian life I work in health care in a hospital. This means that I have been  traipsing around the hospital for weeks in a gray aircast and more recently replaced it with a pink compression sock.  I have been asked over and over again what happened and invariably at least once a day someone says to me - you should not run it is bad for you. Now congratulate me here because I have not had a total melt down or freak out on these people or even lectured them I just smile and walk way.  Some come by this belief because they have had a medical "professional" tell them this.  Using such phrases as it is bad for your knees or other joints and it is too hard on your body.  Some have suffered injuries that do not allow them to comfortably run, some may have structural issues, bone density issues or asthma and