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It's all about pacing

As I have mentioned previously I coach half marathon clinics. I have another one that has just started with a bunch of new and eager faces looking to complete the Vancouver International Half in May. The first few weeks are always interesting, each clinic develops a personality a vibe but the one thing that is always consistent is how could I possibly know more than them. Irregardless of the fact that I have lost count of the number of half's I have run, that I have completed full marathons, or that if you could screw up or injure it I have done it and if I have not done it yet rest assured I will do it. From overtraining, to training too fast, to not eating properly, to not stretching, to not training enough and so on-and so forth. I got the bumper sticker or I am in the line at the cashier just waiting to pay for it. But I repeat WHAT COULD I POSSIBLY KNOW?!?! So because I am fully aware that it will take about 5 weeks - around the time we start running 14km and up befor

I'm hit - woman down.

So after my last post and feeing all uppity that I was doing so great - bam! They got me - I have been literally surrounded by cold and flu infested people for the better part of a month. I thought I might have dodged the bullet but a week ago today I woke up feeling a little wierd and thought hmmmm. So I dug out the COld Fx and decided I would take some just to be safe. By the end of the day my neck was killing me - but being the queen of denial I thought just tight muscles from swimming. Tuesday I got up and that ominous burning sensation in my nasal passages told me that I had been hit - so I immediately went on the acute Cold-FX treatment regime. I got through the day not feeling too bad but skipped both workouts still hoping that by doing that I would be good to go on Wednesday. No such luck by Wednesday I felt and looked like death warmed over. I made it through a 1/2 day and that was it. In an effort to beat this thing quickly I made the drastic decision that I was goin

Finding the Rhythm

So this week I am pretty happy with my training. I feel like I have a rhythm and am in the training zone. While we are only 9 days in to the actual schedule I feel great. I am following the schedule and have not missed one workout yet, early days I know but last year I copped out a lot from the get go. It is wet outside (what you say in Vancouver - say it isn't so) I will just run a little longer and skip the ride. PATHETIC Yesterday was the second brick of the season and it was crappy outside. Just awful- I kept looking out and hoping it would change. It did not but no biggy I got changed at lunch grabbed the bike and away I went. At one point I thought sheesh this is wet and then I thought to myself but not nearly as wet as it was last June and you are only doing this for 45 minutes with a 20 minute run. Not 6 hours followed by a 3 hour run (LOL). That goes to show you how my perspective has changed - never underestimate the power of a DNF. As I said to a gal in my ha

One for Shaun - Zero for the *@!* Trainer

Excuse me while I gloat for a second.... Okay so for most serious triathletes riding on a trainer in the winter months is a given. I however HATE it and would rather shave my legs by individually plucking out each hair with tweezers than get on my bike on the trainer so I feel pretty darn proud that I did it. Yep folks 1 hour and 30 minutes butt numbing agony. I will be honest I did get off at 1 hour 20 saying enough I can't do this but then I had a flash back to Iron Mountain and how much I hate that stupid friggin DNF and said NO and got back on the demon trainer and rode it for 11 minutes more just to prove I could. Most of you will be like geez what a whinger but I don't care. However I have come to the conclusion I need a different seat if I want win the war not just this one battle. So off the the bike shop. Feeling victorious Shaun,

New beginnings

Yes it has been awhile since I last posted. No excuse really just caught up in life, coaching and the holidays. Everyone always asks what is your new years resolution and I can honestly say that I don't really make them because I try to make ongoing resolutions. Find ways to improve myself as a person and an athlete. Resolutions to give back to the community and my friends - I figure it is better that way. We are all a work in progress - especially myself and sometime it is painful to see yourself as others do. Myself I can be control freak, I am outspoken and blunt. And while my intention is not to be a bitch - I am often protrayed and seen that way. I don't believe in BS - as a general rule if you ask me I will tell you - if you do not want to hear it please do not ask, get the job done - basically put up or shut up. I like to think that I am a good listener and flexible but I also have the courage of my convictions and refuse to back down or apologize for them if I