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see it, believe it, live it

During 2010 olympics some of the news reports indicated that some athletes might have felt the pressure and not been able to perform in clutch.  While no where near their potential or ability as an athlete I can sort of understand and the tool to cope with this is visualization. I know, I know - whatever Shaun and up to just over a year and a half ago I would have thought the same.  But then coach Larry, Zimich, did this visualization exercise with us at the start of the spin class. He talked about energy, he talked about pain, he talked about the race, the spectators, the great moments the bleak moments right to the end of the ride.  THEN we did the workout and it was amazing - I was still in rehab at that time but the gains I got that day and the abillity to visualize the pain and work through it was amazing.  I came away with a big lesson that day - see it, believe it, live it - the biggest hurdle we overcome is our mental selves.  WOW - talk about an epiphany and just in the ni