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It is NOT Weak to Speak...

Mark Kennedy - I had the pleasure of actually running with him for a short time this past weekend.   Who is Mark Kennedy?  He is the gentleman that ran 24 hours straight to raise $$ for First responders  and their families.  Specifically he ran to raise $$ to help pay to send First Responders suffering from PTSD  to  CAMPY MY WAY ( ) up by Whistler-Lillooet area.  This camp is set up specifically for First Responders to go and start their healing journey, a safe place in nature where they can  begin to heal and maybe if not release at least learn to manage the pain and mental scars and wounds they carry from the hard work they do every day. Ok I know there a lots of runners out there that have run Ultras that are 24 hours or longer but it was why he was doing it and for who that caught my attention.   I saw a post on a fellow runner’s social media linked to an article in the local paper talking about Mark and his goal of running 160km or 24 hours – w