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I have been converted -Namaste -

Hi peeps Well summer has finally arrived in Vancouver thankfully - I was about to put the place up for sale and move if this went on for much longer. I know I live on the "wet" coast and that from November to May it rains - I get it.  I am even okay with the moody May and June but last month was over the top and then when it was pouring on July 1 and 2 my meltdown became official - but mother nature must have felt the collective freak-out and turned it around and we have for at least the next 2 weeks summer. So in my ongoing recovery - fyi don't ever tear a muscle - it takes forever to heal -  we thought  I might have reinjured it.  Fortunately after meeting with the specialist all is well and I can keep moving forward in my very gradual return to running and cycling. However he suggested that Yoga may be something I would want to do.  BAHAHAHAHAHA  - I tried a yoga class once - hated it.  Nope not doing Yoga.   I have avoided doing yoga for 12 years and been just