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Spectators - can make your race

Just recently I was at the Scotiabank Half marathon - I was helping at it and then when my tasks were done I went into spectator mode. I knew a lot of peeps racing in this race as it is a popular race 1 - for the gorgeous course and 2 - because it is a fast course - PB's are easy to come by on this course.  It was a lot bigger a few years ago but with the Seattle Rock-n-Roll the same weekend a lot of locals head off to that race. Anyways I digress. So while I was helping I stood along the road and clapped and cheered runners as they went by from the very first one to the very last one.  As I knew a lot of the runners I made sure to yell out their names if I spotted them and more than a few hugs and high fives were passed out. After I finished I headed to my car and was off to meet friends who were racing at the finish line for breakfast. I was driving down and realized how few spectators there was and so I decided to roll down my window, crank the tunes and start honking to