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Heart Rate Training = losing the ego and being selfish

Hi all - Lets just skip me going on about my sad excuses for not posting more often - life just gets busy especially when you are training for CHALLENGE ROTH. For all of you that were in a coma - yes I got in - Santa came through.  Well actually high-speed internet, being able to type quickly  and coffee at 3am in the morning came through with the final result being I am in. I was super excited and happy and then JOE said to me innocently - "what was your last time for Challenge in Pentiction?" Me - 16 hours and change. Him - hmmm - you know the cut-off is 15hours. Me - wave of anxiety and nausea - "NO - it is always 17 hours" Him - you should check the website - pretty sure it is 15 hours Me - why are you messing with me it is 17 hours - I go to the website - CRAP it is 15 hours Him - you would think you would have checked that BEFORE registering. ME - when do I EVER check ahead.  You should have warned me! Him - would it have changed. Me -