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The end of the tri season.

Yesterday was the Diva's only Tri - I had an okay race. I should be pleased - I mean I PB'd by 8 minutes, got under 1:30 which I said I would be happy with and I won a great jersey and hat as a door prize. It is silly not to be thrilled but I guess I know I could have done better and actually did. But more on that later. This is a great event - it is a sprint tri and women's only event so the vibe is amazing. I recommend it to anyone wanting to get into tri's and not be intimidated. I was in this race because it was an entry from 2 years ago that got comped - first due to a fractured heel and then again because of a city strike last year. I had hoped - foolishly - to podium - why do I say foolishly because I have not trained much since Oliver - I was off for 4 weeks from running and swimming because of the freak foot injury and had a hard-time getting back into the zone for the last 3 weeks - but I figured I had still been riding a lot so maybe.... When I a

Crazy - I need my head examined...

Okay - I am just full of it - I have a sprint tri in 10 days and I have been telling others and myself that I will not worry too much about this one that just do it for participation - what a load of crap! The entry in this race is from 2006 - I registered in 2006 and ended up fracturing my foot in a 1/2 marathon about 6 weeks before the race - the organizers were kind enough to comp me for 2007 and then in 2007 a city workers civil strike caused the race to be canceled so everyone got comped to this year. Hence why I am doing the race. I have done no real training - not a single brick - since the half IRon in Oliver 6 weeks ago. Been in the pool 5 times tops maybe and back to running at the end of June up to 16 km on Sundays. I have been riding to work and back 3 times a week - total 30km or so but it has been on the hybrid. So really to have any expectations of a fast race are ridiculous- the rational me understands this... but I am a teensy bit competitive - I try to tell ev

Taking it easy

So I have been feeling a little guilty - I have not really been doing much since Oliver - the locked ankle was a little more serious with some minor ligament strain so I did not run for 3 weeks or so, I was also told no swimming as well so that left the bike. A good friend of mine bought a new training bike and wanted to reduce inventory so I am the proud owner of my first mountain bike - actually it is a hybrid and well since I have no gear I am using it as a commuter bike. I have started riding to work - I live on the side of a mountain so the ride to work it pretty good 15km pretty much down hill the ride home - yep 15km pretty much uphill. I try to ride 3 times a week but still feel like I am slacking. 3 weeks ago my new half marathon clinic started - usually this is a small clinic - 40 tops - not this one - 60+ people! I think it must be due to being a featured clinic leader in the lastest Running Room magazine. Either way that means I started running again and since I wan

Canada Day PB

Yep another PB for the year!!! Canada Day 10km WALK - walk? Walk? You are a runner why were you not running you ask? Well because my good friend Carol - aka Care Bear has been injured for the past 3 months and to ensure that she did not run the race Bishop (my border collie) and I showed up to walk the course with her. See Carol has been doing physio and other stuff for the past 3 monthsbut has continued to run. She has been telling us that she has clearance to run but she got busted last week. That is right - the jig was up. See we all share the same physio and well needless to say between all of us we found out that she was not supposed to be running at all... which would explain why she is still injured. So the gang decided to stage an intervention - which has been more than a little difficult as Carol coaches a 5km clinic, is one of the pace leaders for my half marathon clinic and registers for every race under the sun. To say Carol is addicted to running is an understate