Crazy - I need my head examined...

Okay - I am just full of it - I have a sprint tri in 10 days and I have been telling others and myself that I will not worry too much about this one that just do it for participation - what a load of crap!

The entry in this race is from 2006 - I registered in 2006 and ended up fracturing my foot in a 1/2 marathon about 6 weeks before the race - the organizers were kind enough to comp me for 2007 and then in 2007 a city workers civil strike caused the race to be canceled so everyone got comped to this year. Hence why I am doing the race.

I have done no real training - not a single brick - since the half IRon in Oliver 6 weeks ago. Been in the pool 5 times tops maybe and back to running at the end of June up to 16 km on Sundays. I have been riding to work and back 3 times a week - total 30km or so but it has been on the hybrid. So really to have any expectations of a fast race are ridiculous- the rational me understands this... but I am a teensy bit competitive - I try to tell everyone I am not but yep I am. So the irrational - crazy delusional part of me (this would be the me that will register for Ironman) wants to podium for my age group - how unrealistic is that. I KNOW - INSANE!!!

Went in the pool this am 800 metres - 22 minutes - yikes that is worse than my previous time 3 years ago. Run - my knee is bugging me - so god only knows - I mean last week we did a 28 min 5 km.... To hit the podium I figure I need 1:20 or less that is 20 min swim - 35 min bike, 25 min run. ha ha ha ha - hysterical giggle - thi is absolutely ridiculous! I know I am nuts but my freaking brain is like - u know you might.

Really I should just go and do a race and have fun no stress but as someone on the Tour de France said - I could not try and then I won't fail or I could try and Fail but know that I at least tried. So maybe I am not so crazy....


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