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The evolution of the “Bad-Ass” run streak

Day 148 of running and counting....                   How did this streak start, you ask?   One of the local running stores Capra   does a challenge every November – run 30 minutes every day for November - -   initially I thought about it and said no.   I was starting to train for my Ironman distance race in Spain for June 2019 and I have always believed that if I run more than   4x a week I will get an injury so it was going to be a hard pass.   However my brother-in-law had been running every day for over a year and seemed none the worse for it and well it was only 30 minutes each day.   So I thought well let’s give it a try and see how it goes plus there was PRIZES and not for how far or fast just for running and I LOVE prizes.   My streak actually started the streak on October 31 st because the club I run with runs Wednesday nights and October 31, 2018 was a Wednesday.  

Being a Bad Ass is busy work

I know – I should post more often but being a Bad Ass is busy work – no really I have been busy. So I had mentioned that I did my very first ever swim meet in Feb.   I am not going to lie I was a little apprehensive as   I can swim forever but not at a “brisk” pace.   I was part of our Coast team that is made up of swimmers from our Masters club and well they all swim at a “brisk” pace and Coach Stewart put me on 2 relay teams. Well I am happy to say I had a fantastic time and loved every second of it.   The people we “raced” against came from all sorts of backgrounds and skill levels and the vibe was inclusive and lots of fun.   Coach Stewart was completely right just like a running race- I would encourage anyone to   do one just for the experience if nothing else.   I signed up for the   400 and 800 front as well as the 100 back.   I was then added to 2 relays teams   one I was front and one I was breaststroke.    I will definitely sign up for another meet – plus it was nic