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Visualization - Taper week Saviour

Next week is the Vancouver BMO - I was SUPPOSED to be doing the full.... (not bitter at all).  However I am now on the grey boot spectator team - and it looks like we have added another member - our popularity is increasing.  My friend Diane is now sporting one along with June-bug and I.  This is not a group I would encourage others to aspire to join... So with everyone in full taper mode and finding themselves with spare time on their hands, getting antsy and over thinking all aspects of their race I would advise you to take that excess energy and use to work on visualizing your race day - Start to successful finish.  It is a great way to focus that excess energy. One of the talks that I get tagged to do for the clinics is the visualization talk.  I started giving the talk 3 years ago when I was leading clinics.  After working with Coach Larry and benefiting immensely from doing visualization with him I decided that I would do it with my clinics.  Now that I not leading anymore I

The Pity Party

sorry I know I should have been posted sooner but well I have been holding my own pity party. If you recall i was all like - I cut my runs short when it started to hurt and have been working with physio - it is all good.  Well IT WAS NOT GOOD! grrrr  After the 23km run where I had some pretty bad pain and pulled out at 16km I went for my my next physio and he was like  no running  for a week to let it settle down and get my orthotics looked at.  He then proceeded to go and get a a calendar and show me what exactly he meant by a week - including  with start and finish dates?!?!  Yeesh - ok in his defense the last time he said a week I left the week up to interpretation - I took a week it was just he meant at that moment and I started the week 3 days later so it did not mess with my long runs.  My husband told my old physio who tattled to my new physio so hence the careful explanation of week.     Sounds good -no running for 1 week and off I toddle to my podiatrist. He asks what