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Retirement – FOMO - I know you are but what am I…

So after the Northwest Triman in June,  I said that is it I am never doing another Ironman distance Triathlon.   I officially retired from that distance and am actively pursuing all the other things I want to do.     Joe – Yeah right Me – No that is it – I am done no more Joe – I don’t believe you Me – Believe it   - I have too many things I want to do/learn.   Joe – You say this now but you will do another Insert just about anyone else in the Joe section and the   conversation was pretty much the same with mom, other family member, friends, neighbors, co-workers, running buddies, random strangers – ok maybe not random strangers… Anyways you get the gist   - know one believed me.    So what I have been doing since Triman you ask?    Well I have kept busy not to worry – registered for a standard tri and a 10km run in September so still running, riding and swimming just not uber long distances.   I really want to do an Ultra next year and some longer bike ri

NorthWestTriman - 2nd Place Age Grouper – How Bad Ass is that?!?!

I know, I know this should have been posted a while ago.  My tale of procrastination is sad so I won’t even try and sell it.   Here is the long awaited race report! First some background or review:   the original plan for this event was for me and Joe, my husband to go and do the event together. Joe would race his brother and I would “participate”.      That did not happen for various reasons , suffice it to say I was doing this event/trip/adventure without Joe   physically there. What I will say was he was there in spirit along with all the rest of our family and friends and he helped me more than he will ever know on race day.   The Wednesday before I flew out I did my usual group run with my run club and tweaked something in my Right Hamstring.   Worrisome but this injury has been on and off for the better part of 6 months. The next day I ran before I got on the flight and it was still quite sore but nothing I could do about it until I hit London.   I started off