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Summer at last

The weather on the "wet" coast has been absolutely fabulous the past couple of weeks - better than it was all darn summer?!? So much so that I am hoping it holds for the weekend so I can take Shazam out for a ride. With the final sizing tweaks done I am beside myself to get out and ride her on the road. Last night was the first night back at Spin class -OMG - killer as usual but I love it. I love knowing that it is just another piece of in the puzzle to Ironman. It was nice to see the ladies I ride with since I have not rode with them since June - Lottie just did not have it in her for the climbs and I wanted to spare them listening to me curse. They are so inspirational the 4 of them - on Sunday the did the triple mountain ride. First I heard of it - they rode Mount Seymour then over and up Grouse mountain and then over to Cypress Mountain - all finished in under 6 hours. AND then they showed up for Spin Class last night - I am not sure I am in the same league as th

Introducing the newest addition - Shazam

That is right I have bought her and she is gorgeous - I am so excited my very first new to me bike. She is a full carbon chariot that is a perfect fit for me- the Ruby Elite Compact. I am confident that together we will conquer Richter's Pass and the Yellow lake rollers. Is she not the most beautiful bike ever???? In other news I have been pretty good on the training - did miss Friday night's swim but it was sex toy party - swim - sex toy party -swim. The party won out and in the end it will also help with training as it should help with tension.... I have also realized that a fall marathon will have to be shelved since I just spent all my pennies on Shazam but that is okay. A little disappointing but in the big scheme of things it really is not that big a deal - I have done the training and it is not like I have not done one before. Plus I just can't faced doing a 2 loop marathon which is what Kelowna is. I am a little concerned as I have dropped 4 lbs in a

Bike porn anyone.

The weather here on the wet coast has been absolutely fabulous. I am so happy that June finally arrived.... It has a been a dream to ride and run in. This past week workouts have been good - swimming started so I was in the pool Mon, Wed and Fri and I am now the fastest of the slowest!!! One really must bask in accomplishments.... The running has been great - really long mileage yesterday was a "quick" 37km if there is such a thing. Felt pretty good but IT band is making noise today - a little concerning but I will roll it out tonight and that to should pass. Not quite sure why I keep running these distances as I have not actually registered for any of the marathons - everyone thinks I am certifiable (more so than when I registered for IMC2009) because I am doing these long runs willingly and usually by myself?!?! Okay - I promised bike porn - after the tragic passing of my little car (moment of silence please)..... I finally got over to my bike coaches house to

And I thought it was just 3 things I needed to work on

Well I have been faithfully working on keeping my training notes - that is writing down what I eat and drink each day as well as what I do in the way of phaysical activity. I have been reading various blogs and articles and it has dawned on me that besides swimming, running and riding I need to remember to work on my mental game and nutrition. Mentally I know that if I stick to the plan and remember to visualize success I will get there. That means do the workouts - no excuses - do the workouts - and I already learned that lesson from the first Half IRonman where I skipped a lot of workouts. I paid the price - DNF. Think positively - visualize success - I learned the power of that training for the 2nd half Ironman - very very important. Can never start to early on that. But I will be honest I am concerned about the nutrition - I am getting better but I am not a big eater while doing workouts. I have been reading articles on amounts and grams and on and on per hour, per pou

It's done - time to put plan Ironman into action....

Yep I did it - as of 10 minutes ago I am officially registered for Subaru Ironman 2009 - Canada. GAAK - that is the first wave of nausea and panic - oihh it is going to be a long year. Apparently last night I woke my husband up at 2am and starting talking about times I needed and cutoffs (LOL) I have never done that so obviously I am already obsessing - if anyone out there has suggestions on how to settle down I would appreciate them. The plan - basically swim, ride, run - LOTS. I have been thinking and planning and here is the general plan This week I start back in the pool with my swim coach - I figure we will work on technique and form till January - 3 x a week. January we start building the distance and in May out to the open water I go. Bike - I am shopping for a new bike and hope to have that done in the next few weeks so I can get it fit properly as my cycle coaches are moving to the interior pretty quick. I am still biking to work and back - 2 to 3x a week - total