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IRONMAN - He may be faster but my medal is bigger!

Once again we made the trek up to Penticton for our annual Ironman vacation. This year Joe was competing and I was there as support crew. Joe wanted to be in the heart of it so we got a room on the beach right by the final turn-around for the marathon. Perfect positioning. The green goddesses were also in the same hotel and Special K, June Bug and Pam were going to be coming up on the weekend to aid me and mumsy in our cheering as the – wait for it…..THE JOSPEPH WITNESSES – LOL. I obviously can not tell you how Mr J felt through out the race but I can tell you that it was an emotional and stressful day for me and the Joseph Witnesses however we cheered our hearts out for not just Joe but all the athletes and had a fantastic time. The night before the girls and I gathered our chalk and headed out to the streets to write some messages – starting from the entrance of our hotel: Home of 1333 – Iron Joe and up the street with messages for him finishing off with our best and most popul

RAWR– I am a Warrior as long as my hands can stay Clean….

It has been a busy summer and I will have to do several posts over the next few days or so to catch up on all the adventures. After the Oliver Half Iron I took a bit of time off (okay a week) because of my knee. I actually did go to physio -- twice – HEY THAT IS A LOT FOR ME. We changed our runs to the trails and the gals and I hooked up at various trails every Sunday. It was then I noticed – running did not bug my hip or knee, however every time I rode I would be in agony by the end of the ride. Hmmmmmmm – so I took the bike into the shop to have them take a look at it. As soon as I got on to the bike on the trainer and started pedaling – Jay stopped me. He looked at my cleat and said well here is the problem your cleat is twisted and it is torqueing your knee out. Must have happened during that terrible spin-class crash. So we fixed my cleat and literally pain gone. Happy, happy. So next race - Warrior Dash – a crazy assed 3 mile run up in Whistler, BC. Now I was not worried ab