RAWR– I am a Warrior as long as my hands can stay Clean….

It has been a busy summer and I will have to do several posts over the next few days or so to catch up on all the adventures.

After the Oliver Half Iron I took a bit of time off (okay a week) because of my knee. I actually did go to physio -- twice – HEY THAT IS A LOT FOR ME. We changed our runs to the trails and the gals and I hooked up at various trails every Sunday. It was then I noticed – running did not bug my hip or knee, however every time I rode I would be in agony by the end of the ride. Hmmmmmmm – so I took the bike into the shop to have them take a look at it. As soon as I got on to the bike on the trainer and started pedaling – Jay stopped me. He looked at my cleat and said well here is the problem your cleat is twisted and it is torqueing your knee out. Must have happened during that terrible spin-class crash. So we fixed my cleat and literally pain gone. Happy, happy.

So next race - Warrior Dash – a crazy assed 3 mile run up in Whistler, BC.

Now I was not worried about the actual running part per se as it was only 3 miles – seriously – 3 MILES?!?! - really HOW BAD CAN THAT BE.

The interesting part and the reason why we took the bait was the obstacles we would have to deal with – some of which were jumping over fire and crawling through mud under barbwire – to name a few. PLUS, wait for it…… you got a Viking Helmet when you finished! HOW cool is that – I did not have a Viking helmet so I was sold! Had to do this one and managed to talk Special K, Liz and Pam into it. June bug ended up coming as moral support – she does not like mud…..

My training was pretty intense –NOT – I figured since we had to climb over stuff and pull ourselves up and over that I should incorporate Push-ups in my repertoire, since I have embarrassingly pathetic arm-strength. Coach was like how is the training going?, and I was like well I have added push-ups to my daily routine and increased my drinking. My mom had the best response – why do push-ups just by heavier bottles to practice drinking with! Good idea – so I revised my training appropriately.

The actual race was a total hoot – we started a basic 1km+ straight up hike up the ski hill – there was no running and then it got crazy. We had to run through water cannons and you literally could not see your hand in front of your face down a friggin ski hill that has divots and pot holes and big ass rocks – not fluffy snow. Pretty much all the obstacles were good the only thing I did not like was the balance beam crossing and that was because of the idgets that were not allowing people time to get over and were basically jumping over and such and freaking people out. Otherwise I am happy to say I was able to pull myself up and over anything I had to. The fire was a little disappointing a squirrel could have stepped over it and been okay. And then the finish was great fun – dive into clay mud and crawl through with the barbwire over you. I hauled through that and got up at the other end to throw mud on the other girls as they were coming through.

It seemed like a great idea at the time and I was very happy. We all finished and got our medals and Viking caps and then hiked up to the hoses to get washed off. The lines were very long – and this is where it went sideways for me. I forgot how much I hate having dirty hands.

Seriously –I can’t stand it. The mud was more like clay and it was drying and cracking and it was all over me, legs, chest, face, hair, arms and HANDS  . We waited and waited and I became more and more upset. I was having a serious melt-down - I did not care about my face, hair, arms, legs, just GET IT OFF MY HANDS!!! After about 20 minutes of waiting and everyone seeing my distress June-Bug remembered I had a bottle of water in my bag. I was able to rinse my hands enough that I could last the other 10 minutes or so till it was my turn for the hose to which I did a quick spray on my legs and spend almost all my time on my hands till they were sparkly clean. Later when I talked to Joe and told him about my melt-down he was like of course you did you hate having dirty hands – why did you not wear your gloves you packed? – oh Yeah – I totally forgot about them.

The after party was pretty good – a few things I would recommend bring either a blanket or fold-up chair to sit on and moist wipes for your hands. As well as thongs to wear afterward and an extra bag for muddy shoes to go into if you are taking them home.


Viking Shaun


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