Freaking out with 10.5 weeks to Race Day

With only just over 10 weeks – (I think I just threw up a little in my mouth) to the Triman in Spain I am not gonna lie – I am starting to freak out a bit.  Which is not very Bad Ass of me at all.
The running portion is not going to be an issue as long as I stay injury free.  The problem is I have to do a swim and a “wee” bike ride before I get to run. 

I have been pretty consistent in my swimming – I will get it done – I am not speedy but I am consistent and persistent. 

The bike this is where an Ironman will come crashing down if you have not done your time in the saddle.  I will own it I have not put as much time on the bike as I normally do – I have been consistently doing Power classes since last fall but December, Jan and Feb got derailed.  The weather sucked – too much snow/ice and I live on the side of a mountain.  Which really is me just making up a good story because there is a trainer in the house that I could have been getting on and well I did  a few times but I hate it- I mean really, really hate it. 

So here we sit with 68 days to go and I am now  trying to be Zen and put the time in.  I figured out my numbers and I need to be off the bike in 7 hours – that means if I maintain an average speed on the bike of 27km /hour I should be okay. 

The past 2 weeks I have actually gotten out on Velocity – yes I name my bikes – and put some good km in but it is hard to tell speed  because of all the stop and go through the city.  For 4 hours last week I did  just over 90km = 22.5km/hour  not fast enough…..  I am thinking that if I had been able to ride straight through I would have been closer to 25 or 26km an hour.  Or maybe I am just delusional. 

I have started riding back and forth to work again at least once a week , working to get it up to twice a week – but the work gods have been foiling my good intentions with meetings, etc.  And this will be the last week of Power class and then Thursday nights will be hill night on the bike. 

This coming up weekend I signed up for the Pacific Populaire ride – 100km  ride – I figured why not good way to ride with others and get the mileage in.  I have 5 hours down on my schedule so I will ride down to the start line. I am going to try to do the 100km in 4 hours and then with the ride their and back that should get me 130-135km for the day. 

I just have to buckle down and commit to the training – RELENTLESS – that is my word – I need to be RELENTLESS in my training to get my goal- which is 14 hours – yep  37min faster than my 2015 race.  I figure what better way to wrap up my 50th rotation of the earth.

Well I am for my bike ride home and yes I did run today –day 155 completed. 

Peace out


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