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Class of 2010 - NY City Marathon!

Wow I can’t believe the last time I posted was in September- yikes! So let’s see not much to tell except I did the NEW YORK CITY MARATHON!!!! If you only do one marathon- it should be NY. What a great experience. My time was not the best but the experience was awesome. These folks know how to put on a show. With over 56000 (yes 56000) people running it you can just imagine the organization it takes. They ferry or bus everyone over to Staten Island where they have set up 3 different villages/compounds for the 3 waves. Runners are assigned to Blue, Green or Orange waves based on expected finish times and such. So each wave has its own compound at the start line with its own bag check, bathrooms, booths supplying pre-race nutrition/hydration and coffee while you wait. Waves start in 20 minute intervals – about 20,000 peeps per group and the waves are broken down further into corrals. I was in the Orange Wave, 51st corral. I was surprised how many first –timers were running. W