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Buntzen Lake Trail Race – 5 Peaks Series

Saturday was the last trail race of the 5 Peaks at Buntzen Lake. I was a little anxious because since the Mount Seymour Race in late July I have been on the trails exactly once August was just a hectic month and I was completely focused on the training for Gran Fondo and New York so the Saturday trail runs were shelved. We did not even go preview the trail so we were going in blind. …. Special K and Pam were feeling the same way – they each got 1 more run on the trails than I and Special K needed to take this race to win the series for her division – Athena. So all told we headed out early to make sure we got a parking spot – yep we were like the first ones there – now to wait for 2.5 hours…. At least there was free coffee. Oddly the time went by quick and then it was go time. They start the races in waves of 2 minutes just so we are not all tripping over each other. Special K went to the front and Pam and I took our customary spots near the back in one of the last waves. I mea

Gran Fondo - AWESOME

This past weekend the Zimich Girls raced in the inaugural RBC Gran Fondo - Vancouver - Whistler bike race.  It was amazing!!!!! They had been calling for rain day of thankfully the weather gods took mercy on us and we had the most amazing weather!   Clear skies and not too hot.  It was perfect. Our team origianlly had 8 - we made it to the start line with 5 - sort of.  Barb Zimich - our coach had recovered enough from her accident last hear - broken femur that she decided to race and happy to report she won 2nd in her division!  A couple of other ladies decided that they had not prepared well enough and we had one lady down with an injury so now we were 4.  I was pretty anxious in the few days prior and especially on Friday and mentioned it to Coach B - she said in her own way I would be fine.  My anxiety was not from the ride - I knew I could do the ride in spades it was from riding with a team in a large group and knowing that we each had our jobs and I did not want to let the


This past weekend was Ironman Canada in Penticton - it was amazing! I was not competing I went up to volunteer, cheer, support, and just overall soak up the atmosphere.   I love this weekend. There were many times I had to stop and take a breath because all of the sudden I would  stop and remember a certain memory about  like last year when I was competing and be amazed that I had actually done this, that I was alumni - wow.  The energy from the moment I arrived in town on Saturday morning was electric.  I knew so many people who were competing.  There was Cindy, Darin and Rochelle - Zimich Team mates.  My massage therapist - Kenji and running buddies - Tina, Henry, and Melinda just to name a few. First thing I did on Saturday morning was "treat" myself to a bike ride - I rode out along the course to OK falls turned around and on the way back rode UP  a VERY steep hill to the Blasted Church Winery.  I have been deteremined to go there for the last 3 years - everytime I