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Seeing is Believing - Visualize being a Bad-Ass

With less than 4 weeks until event day my anxiety is starting to kick into overdrive.   Have I trained enough?   Have I done enough hills on the bike?   Is my nutrition plan going to be ok? Am I getting a cold?   Why does my right knee hurt? Double, triple, quadruple check my travel plans, pack lists, documents, etc, etc.  And well honestly the realization that my best friend will not be at the start line with me this time.   That I am doing this on my own - the person I have always leaned on won’t be there and he won’t be coming out on the run course to pace me no matter how much I wish for it. That is probably the hardest part.   So I have been working really hard on my visualization.   A few years ago I had the amazing luck to train with Barb Zimich.   She was and her husband at the time, Larry, were big proponents of the power of visualization and the importance of incorporating it into your training and race day planning.   How does it work? Well you fi