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No one owes us a thing

R should be for running but recovery is taking a bit longer than I had hoped or wanted. And well for those that know me I am not the most patient person.... That is not to say I have not been running but I am nowhere near where I was or would like to be. AND..... my right leg/groin is acting up. Now how this is happening is beyond me since I landed on my left side but I guess I was hit from behind on both sides so.... Anyways 2 weeks ago I decided I had had enough and I was running and I did - it felt great and then when I stopped not so great about 20 minutes later but nothing a little Tylenol 3 won't fix. I was excited and happy - yeahhhhhh told my physio - she was not so excited but I was like hey I held off for 6 weeks - really!?!? It killed her to say that I should probably run more than once a week just so we could really find out how my body would react - well it is not reacting well. I am running 2x a week and by the end of the run on Sunday my groin and knee were

Deja Vu....

Ever have that feeling that you have been there I picked up Shazam's replacement. Same bike with minor changes - newer pedals - 2 bottle cages - shorter stem, and new name - Isis! That's right Isis - it is from a superhero cartoon I watched when I was little - the weird thing is I was telling my friend special K about it and she googled it and started laughing because it came up as the Isis and Shazam hour - I had totally forgotten about that (LOL). And then she found the saying Isis used for her magic powers to take hold - Oh zephyr winds that blow on high, lift me now so I can fly! - OMG - I have been outed - yep I am a geek. After weeks of harassing Kirsten about her obsession with Stargate and Star Trek she now has ammunitition. I know I will regret this. But back to Isis - so I also picked up gorgeous tights with pink stripes, a helmet - they only had white, new shoe covers, more lights and the most adorable little pink socks! I am hoping to get her

2 steps forward, step back

What a roller coaster the last week or so has been. I was starting to feel pretty good - got clearance from my physio to go to the pool and light spinning on the bike - I am always a bit sore after each workout but I expect it and have incorporated ice baths after to help with the healing process. ICBC came through and I got $$$ for the bike, helmet, tights and boots so that is good. Bike ordered just in the nick of time - there were only 3 left in Canada and none by the end of the day so that was a relief - should be arriving at the bike shop this week. Yippeee Physio seemed to be going okay she has been working on my left shoulder and mid back which is aches of and on. OMG - OMG - OMG the first treatment was on Tuesday and I woke up in the middle of the night with sharp pain but I took some motrin and was able to fall asleep. Was achy but no more than usual then I saw her again on Thursday and explained what had happened on Tuesday night. She seemed to think this was not t