Deja Vu....

Ever have that feeling that you have been there I picked up Shazam's replacement. Same bike with minor changes - newer pedals - 2 bottle cages - shorter stem, and new name - Isis! That's right Isis - it is from a superhero cartoon I watched when I was little - the weird thing is I was telling my friend special K about it and she googled it and started laughing because it came up as the Isis and Shazam hour - I had totally forgotten about that (LOL). And then she found the saying Isis used for her magic powers to take hold - Oh zephyr winds that blow on high, lift me now so I can fly! - OMG - I have been outed - yep I am a geek. After weeks of harassing Kirsten about her obsession with Stargate and Star Trek she now has ammunitition. I know I will regret this.

But back to Isis - so I also picked up gorgeous tights with pink stripes, a helmet - they only had white, new shoe covers, more lights and the most adorable little pink socks! I am hoping to get her sized in the next day or so - super excited to try her out on the trainer - nope no roads for her till the spring.

Other news - finally landed a new job - have been looking since spring with a fair amount of interviews - a few offers that I turned down and now the new job. I am a little scared because it is new and I have been where I am for so long - almost 8 years - but change is good right? I know I am going to miss everyone I work with right now. They really are super great people it just came down to $$$$. I am sure it will all work out.



Kirsten said…
ahahah, oh you are so right to be worried!! but not in a bad way, really, it'll just be the sweet joy of anticipation leading up to a thrilling ensemble cast in august. HEE HEE HEE.

oh the wonderful geeky joy.
Anonymous said…
That show ran from 75-77. I'm wondering if the resident geek was around for those years? If not, how can she tell it's geeky?

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