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It is an individual journey

I may have mentioned that I lead/coach half marathon clinics out of the local Running room.  The big race in Vancouver each year is the BMO Vancouver International Half marathon, which is run in May and this particular clinic tends to be the largest.  Currently there is 106 registered and counting. Special K is helping me lead the clinic because of the size of it.  I am also at the same time wrapping up the Fort Langly Historic Half clinic - their race is in February so there is some juggling for the next few weeks.  One of the first things I tell people is to focus on themselves and to not worry about what the person beside, in front or behind them is doing.  I tell them this is their journey not the person beside them, it does not matter if they are faster or slower what matters is what they do.  That the only person that will hold them back is themselves.  I have a young lady in the Fort Langley clinic who is the classic person that is worried about what everyone else is doing

I love the WET/West coast

Sorry for not checking in for a while - no excuse really just busy getting back into it. Today was absolutely gorgeous - one of the reasons I love living in Vancouver.  I can ride pretty much all year but the last few weeks the rides have been WET.  Today clear skys, sun and just gorgeous. I had an amazing ride and loved every moment of it.  This is a good thing as I registered for the Whistler Gran Fondo bike race in September.  Race plans have changed a bit - I sat down with Coach Barb and based on that I changed somethings up.  The first being registering for the Bike race. It will be the inaugural year - the race goes from Downtown Vancouver to Whistler along the Sea-to-sky highway.  The organizers have said they will be closing one lane - which if they actually do will be amazing.  I am super excited to do this race - beautiful course - challenging and only 120kms..... Next up I threw my hat in to the NY Marathon Lotto - cross your fingers - I have heard this is an amazing r