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What motivates me.

With a new clinic starting for the Vancouver Half marathon - over 90 so far registered and my personal training ramping up I started thinking about how I can stay motivated - basically not get overwhelmed and freak myself out. Let's face it I have set some pretty lofty goals for this year. I think the thing that motivates me the most is the people I am surrounded by - my peeps - both friends and family. I think about my BFF who is now pregnant with twins - not a big thing until you realize that she is a single lady in her 40's who has decided to do this on her own. I only have to train for 8 months - she has the rest of her life and they don't come with manuals - at least not that I am aware of. I think of Care bear and Tif - they have both struggled with injuries for the past year and yet they don't quit. Care Bear actually just got back from doing Goofy in Florida - 1/2 marathon one day, full marathon the next day. And Tif well she is just amazing - she has

Bye bye Turkey Tummy

Whew - finally the last vestiges of Turkey Tummy are finally gone. Being sick and not being able to train over the holidays accompanied by the realization that the next 8 months I was going to have to clean up my diet I kind of went a little crazy. Anyone that knows me knows I absolutely love potato chips - adore them - I like every flavor - of course there are ones that I prefer more than others but I am an equal opportunity chip eater. As I always say I never met a chip that I did not get along with. Couple that with turkey sandwiches with homemade sausage dressing and well you have a perfect recipe for 8 lbs of turkey tummy. Since the 2nd - I was too hungover on the first - I have cut out chips and alcohol - my 2 weaknesses and got back to working out regularly and this morning I am back to pre-Christmas weight. NO- I am not telling you what it is - but is a good weight. Last night I had physio anc because I am on transit, no car at home and a border collie that was cross

SNOW is a BAD 4-letter word

Not much to report except... the snow is finally GONE!!! WOOHOOO, YEAH. What a treat to be able to go out side and go for a walk let alone a run with out fearing I would break my neck. Sundays run was such a treat. I would take a step and miracles of all miracles my foot would stay exactly where I put it OMG! That is right it did not slide to one side or the other it did not suddenly lurch forward or back and I was not in a big puddle of ice it was the best! It allowed me to properly assess how my recovery is doing - still not there but I finished the run and did not feel like bursting into tears from the pain so am very pleased. There are still issues - knee and hip are very sore by the end of a run and ache for a few hours after but the aching seems to last only the day of not the couple of days and I am slowly weaning myself off the Tylenol 3 - it was that I would finish a run and pop one right away - Sunday I did not take one at all. Did my last spin class for awhile as

Slip sliding away

Yesterday was the first run since the blizzard on the 20th. I think I prefer running through 2 foot snow drifts for 2 hours. For those that live in a cave - it has been snowing in Vancouver - first snow fall was actually on the 13th of December - the run on the 14th was pretty and beautiful through a small bit of snow in the trails. Normally that would be it back to rain, but we go a few more snow falls during the week no biggy it was going to warm up by Sunday and all would be good. WRONG - woke up on the 21st to a foot or so of snow - no reason to panic - we will go in the trails again. It was an awful run - one that tested us all and broke a lot of folks spirits. 2 hours of slipping and trudging through snow and then it started to snow more, but we got through it. Well that is the end of it - I mean it is Vancouver. NOPE - the next week was a right off for me due to a cold but I now hear that for the dedicated few that traveled out the next Sunday most got to the end of t

2009 the year of Ironman

Wow it has been a while since I have posted anything - probably because I have not been able to get much training in over the past month. December was a bit crazy in that I changed jobs to another part of the city so trying to get in to a new routine. I apparently went to sleep in Vancouver and woke up in Winnipeg around the 16th of December and the bloody stuff is still on the ground making running treacherous at best and then I got nailed with a cold on the 23rd. I am feeling a lot better now - basically have not done anything since the 23rd with the exception of one spin class, walking the dog and shoveling snow so it is time to get back in the saddle literally. It might explain the antsy grouchy feeling I have had for the past 9 days....But I look at this way at least the seasonal cold is over and I am good to go - snow is slowly going and I am very excited about this year's racing plans. So goals - UBC Tri in March, Oliver 1/2 Ironman in June, and the big dance - IRON