Slip sliding away

Yesterday was the first run since the blizzard on the 20th. I think I prefer running through 2 foot snow drifts for 2 hours.

For those that live in a cave - it has been snowing in Vancouver - first snow fall was actually on the 13th of December - the run on the 14th was pretty and beautiful through a small bit of snow in the trails. Normally that would be it back to rain, but we go a few more snow falls during the week no biggy it was going to warm up by Sunday and all would be good. WRONG - woke up on the 21st to a foot or so of snow - no reason to panic - we will go in the trails again.

It was an awful run - one that tested us all and broke a lot of folks spirits. 2 hours of slipping and trudging through snow and then it started to snow more, but we got through it. Well that is the end of it - I mean it is Vancouver.

NOPE - the next week was a right off for me due to a cold but I now hear that for the dedicated few that traveled out the next Sunday most got to the end of the first street - which they had to walk the whole way because of ice - and said screw it. But being eternally optimstic and living in Vancouver no biggy that means it is not snowing and the ice will melt and be gone by the next Sunday. Well sort of....

Yesterday was a slushy, icey mess - we did not go in the trails because it was safer on the sidewalks running past businesses and condos where they are legally obligated to clear them and put salt down but still it was dicey. My hips and ass are so sore today - on the positive side it is a good core workout.

However I am over it - no really bring back the rain. I miss running in wet soggy dreary Vancouver. It does not look promising - they are calling for warmer temps and rain until Thursday and THEN COLDER TEMPS which means for bloody Snow. I know for everyone else in Canada you are laughing at us but it is not funny anymore. Most of us moved from places of snow and Ice so we did not have to put up with this crap - we are not amused.

Okay rant over.

Peace out Shaun


Anonymous said…
Rain is hear!!! Yeah!!!

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