What motivates me.

With a new clinic starting for the Vancouver Half marathon - over 90 so far registered and my personal training ramping up I started thinking about how I can stay motivated - basically not get overwhelmed and freak myself out. Let's face it I have set some pretty lofty goals for this year.

I think the thing that motivates me the most is the people I am surrounded by - my peeps - both friends and family. I think about my BFF who is now pregnant with twins - not a big thing until you realize that she is a single lady in her 40's who has decided to do this on her own. I only have to train for 8 months - she has the rest of her life and they don't come with manuals - at least not that I am aware of.

I think of Care bear and Tif - they have both struggled with injuries for the past year and yet they don't quit. Care Bear actually just got back from doing Goofy in Florida - 1/2 marathon one day, full marathon the next day. And Tif well she is just amazing - she has not been able to run for a year but instead of wallowing she started swimming with June bug and I am giving her my old bike so she can start riding. That is motivating - cripes I was out for 4 weeks - not a bloody year and I am only racing over one day not back to back days.

I look at my niece a single teenage mom and the other one a soon-to-be teenage mom and it motivates me to keep pushing. Yes they made a mistake but they have both accepted their mistakes and are moving forward to raise children on their own. That is an enormous responsibility - I am just responsible to myself and coach.

I also think of the ladies I ride with - they are so motivating and supportive - whenever I start to doubt they tell me not too worry you will be fine and somehow I believe them because they have not been wrong yet.

I think of my hubby and I know I can do it - he works 2 jobs and makes sure that I have everything and anything I need to succeed. He never complains and even sets his scheule up for me so that I don't miss workouts. There is no way I can't give 100%.

There are so many more, I am not going to mention everyone because it would be a small novel without a doubt. I guess mostly I am just inspired and motivated by everyone who believes that I can do this. I know it is going to be tough and I know it is going to hurt but really it is only going to be for 8 months + 13 hours and 50 minutes on race day. So I guess that leaves nothing else to say but How Bad Can it be?



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