SNOW is a BAD 4-letter word

Not much to report except... the snow is finally GONE!!! WOOHOOO, YEAH.

What a treat to be able to go out side and go for a walk let alone a run with out fearing I would break my neck. Sundays run was such a treat. I would take a step and miracles of all miracles my foot would stay exactly where I put it OMG! That is right it did not slide to one side or the other it did not suddenly lurch forward or back and I was not in a big puddle of ice it was the best! It allowed me to properly assess how my recovery is doing - still not there but I finished the run and did not feel like bursting into tears from the pain so am very pleased.

There are still issues - knee and hip are very sore by the end of a run and ache for a few hours after but the aching seems to last only the day of not the couple of days and I am slowly weaning myself off the Tylenol 3 - it was that I would finish a run and pop one right away - Sunday I did not take one at all.

Did my last spin class for awhile as the class has changed location and I am just not able to get there for the time it is - pretty bummed about it. No really, in some sick sadistic way I have truly come to love the weekly smack-down if nothing that it drives coach nuts that no matter how much pain or how hard he pushes I refuse to stop smiling - I know petty but it gives me small pleasure. I will be back at it in March though and he has given me workouts to do on my trainer at home - which are good but I do miss him yelling at me.

Swimming - well what can I say my bloody ACL is acting up still - not as bad as before but still acting up. I am getting through the workouts and have been able to do 3 x a week but by Friday it is pretty sore and yep last night I gave in and took a T3 before I went to bed.

Finally we have a room at my new office that they use for yoga in the evenings so I have taken to bringing my elastaband and ball and going in there at lunch and do my core and physio exercises as well as stretching. Now just to figure out how to get weights in there. Ah well one day at a time and with only 229 days left to race day I will treasure my rest day and get back at it tomorrow.

Peace out



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