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Yes that is right folks me and the boy have officially registered for the Oliver Half Ironman.  Will this by my year?  Probably not since he is actually training this year but hey a girl's gotta dream.  This past week has been a bit of a gong show.  Flew down a flight of stairs at work on Monday -can we say OW.  Pretty banged up and then Friday night I went out to get something on the sundeck with my crocs on and of course it had been raining and well I was airborne in no time.  Good news is I landed on the opposite side from Monday's fall.  Decided not to ride on Saturday morning but did do a 2 hour walk with the dog to the grocery store and back.  Walk home involved carrying 4 litres of milk, 2 litres of OJ and a few other items in my knapsack - probably should have just done the ride. This morning was Sunday Clinic run and with 2 clinics going at the same time  and running different distances organization is key.  I have to say my group(s) did me proud from the great gro

Shaun 1 - Squirrels 0

Last week was the first time I was on the bike since the beginning of December.  I sent a note to Coach B and gals and was told 9am - KCC ready to ride.  I was looking forward to the ride - timing was off and I parked with about 5 min to spare to get my  bike out and shoes on - then I had to go back to get my glasses.  The first ride also saw the LETC tri club start to ride with us.... more about that later.  Cindy waited with me to grab my glasses and then we chased down the group - nothing like a km sprint to start out your ride. We caught the group and slotted in. I then had a chance to say where are we going - Whytecliff - via upper levels...ah nuts!  I thought we were going to Steveston and if I had known West Van I would have met them  in West Van.  First ride back I was not too excited about 3+ hours - but I was in it now.  The ride out to West Van was not too bad and I thought maybe this will be okay.  We headed out as a group and then Coach announced Trestle hill.  !&

For the love of running

Happy new year!  wow has it really been that long since I  posted.  I guess 2010 shows you how narcissitic (?sp) I am - barely posted at all.  Title - well after NY I had a melt down - well as best as you can when still coaching.  I have hated running for a while honestly since before NY - it was not good.  No wonder I blew up in the marathon.  I came back and was like blah...  I did my runs because I am leading a clinic but I did the bare minumum.  Sundays and Thursdays. I got out and did spin and my weekly rides but I was resentful.  Something I loved doing - my time to hook up with the green goddesses was pissing me off and making me resentful.  All was not well in my world.  I thought about it  - I mean I took a week off in NY - well okay 6 days, but still time off.  What was going on and then as usual my guardian angel - Judith - saw it and called me out.  I knew it in my heart I just did not want to admit it.  I was overtrained.  I was burnt out and it was bad.  I actuall