For the love of running

Happy new year!  wow has it really been that long since I  posted.  I guess 2010 shows you how narcissitic (?sp) I am - barely posted at all. 

Title - well after NY I had a melt down - well as best as you can when still coaching.  I have hated running for a while honestly since before NY - it was not good.  No wonder I blew up in the marathon.  I came back and was like blah...  I did my runs because I am leading a clinic but I did the bare minumum.  Sundays and Thursdays.

I got out and did spin and my weekly rides but I was resentful.  Something I loved doing - my time to hook up with the green goddesses was pissing me off and making me resentful.  All was not well in my world. 

I thought about it  - I mean I took a week off in NY - well okay 6 days, but still time off.  What was going on and then as usual my guardian angel - Judith - saw it and called me out.  I knew it in my heart I just did not want to admit it. 

I was overtrained.  I was burnt out and it was bad.  I actually showed up to lead a clinic one night and I did not get dressed to run - I sent them out without me. The first time in over 5 years.  I hated running and I hated riding and I hated working out.   I was ticked off at all my workouts and Judith saw it.  She gave me the permission I needed to not do workouts and be okay.  The trouble is now I need to start again. 

Running - I have a new passion for running that I have honestly not felt in about 2 years.  It has been great.  How did I get it by some amazing reading -

The Grace to Race - Sister Madonna's story.
It's only a mountain - The Hoyt's Story.
Born to Run - The greatest race ever. 

All three books have really helped me get back to basics and remind me how much I love running.  I am seriously looking at barefoot running - or at least in my socks until it warms up.  There was some interesting and very valid research in Born to Run - which is about Tahnemura runners in Mexico, Scott Turic, and trail running in general - really a great read.  It also has really got me thinking very seriously about vegetarian and such.  However I am going to start researching some more about CHIA - apparently the magic factor for runners.  Mostly what I liked about the book was it was going back to basics and just running for the pure joy of running - which is why I run.  No heart rate monitors, no time intervals, just running because I wanted to  - something that coach Barb would not like.  NO STATS. 

I got back in the pool for the first time in a year- I am not going to lie while I felt okay my shoulders and neck did not.  Overall I pulled out 1200 m.  400 straight - the rest in intervals. 

Cycling - not going to lie struggling - I hate the trainer.  that is what the crew is doing.  It has also has been horribly cold here and well I am a pansy.  Read a great book - Greg LeMond - Tour de France winner. Great read - but not terribly motivating.  Just have to suck it up I suppose - would be brutal if the girls beat me up the hill in the spring. 

I guess the big thing is that it is Joe's year and I know the journey he is starting and I want to be there to support him in all ways possible.  I know this means putting my goals second  and well financially we can't have 2 of us paying huge coaching fees.  So this year's blog is going to be from the perspective of a spouse of  a future Ironman.  Don't get me wrong I am still racing and training but from a different angle. So after May 1st I will not be leading clinics for a while.  This will allow me to go up to the Okanangan any weekend we want and train with Joe. 

My races - Vancouver half - May 1 - 2:15 pace bunny.  Oliver Half Ironman.  Gran Fondo Bike Race.  San Fran Women's Half Marathon (if we get in).  I am sure there will be more - probably a few time trials, UBC Tri and Osoyoss Half iron are good possibilites. 

Either way - 2011 is going to be a busy and exiting year.   Thankfully I love running again  only 2 more sports to go.

Peace Out


Unknown said…
I've been using the Salba version of Chia for 3 or 4 years now. I used it regularly when still running, and have been eyeing it again lately.

Welcome back to your passion. I'll join you again one day, maybe.
Unknown said…
oh, a good link on salba
Anonymous said…
xxx I totally understand being burned out on something you love and having to give yourself permission to stop doing it for a while. And also, permission to start it up again. Good for you. xxx


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