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Class of 2010 - NY City Marathon!

Wow I can’t believe the last time I posted was in September- yikes! So let’s see not much to tell except I did the NEW YORK CITY MARATHON!!!! If you only do one marathon- it should be NY. What a great experience. My time was not the best but the experience was awesome. These folks know how to put on a show. With over 56000 (yes 56000) people running it you can just imagine the organization it takes. They ferry or bus everyone over to Staten Island where they have set up 3 different villages/compounds for the 3 waves. Runners are assigned to Blue, Green or Orange waves based on expected finish times and such. So each wave has its own compound at the start line with its own bag check, bathrooms, booths supplying pre-race nutrition/hydration and coffee while you wait. Waves start in 20 minute intervals – about 20,000 peeps per group and the waves are broken down further into corrals. I was in the Orange Wave, 51st corral. I was surprised how many first –timers were running. W

Buntzen Lake Trail Race – 5 Peaks Series

Saturday was the last trail race of the 5 Peaks at Buntzen Lake. I was a little anxious because since the Mount Seymour Race in late July I have been on the trails exactly once August was just a hectic month and I was completely focused on the training for Gran Fondo and New York so the Saturday trail runs were shelved. We did not even go preview the trail so we were going in blind. …. Special K and Pam were feeling the same way – they each got 1 more run on the trails than I and Special K needed to take this race to win the series for her division – Athena. So all told we headed out early to make sure we got a parking spot – yep we were like the first ones there – now to wait for 2.5 hours…. At least there was free coffee. Oddly the time went by quick and then it was go time. They start the races in waves of 2 minutes just so we are not all tripping over each other. Special K went to the front and Pam and I took our customary spots near the back in one of the last waves. I mea

Gran Fondo - AWESOME

This past weekend the Zimich Girls raced in the inaugural RBC Gran Fondo - Vancouver - Whistler bike race.  It was amazing!!!!! They had been calling for rain day of thankfully the weather gods took mercy on us and we had the most amazing weather!   Clear skies and not too hot.  It was perfect. Our team origianlly had 8 - we made it to the start line with 5 - sort of.  Barb Zimich - our coach had recovered enough from her accident last hear - broken femur that she decided to race and happy to report she won 2nd in her division!  A couple of other ladies decided that they had not prepared well enough and we had one lady down with an injury so now we were 4.  I was pretty anxious in the few days prior and especially on Friday and mentioned it to Coach B - she said in her own way I would be fine.  My anxiety was not from the ride - I knew I could do the ride in spades it was from riding with a team in a large group and knowing that we each had our jobs and I did not want to let the


This past weekend was Ironman Canada in Penticton - it was amazing! I was not competing I went up to volunteer, cheer, support, and just overall soak up the atmosphere.   I love this weekend. There were many times I had to stop and take a breath because all of the sudden I would  stop and remember a certain memory about  like last year when I was competing and be amazed that I had actually done this, that I was alumni - wow.  The energy from the moment I arrived in town on Saturday morning was electric.  I knew so many people who were competing.  There was Cindy, Darin and Rochelle - Zimich Team mates.  My massage therapist - Kenji and running buddies - Tina, Henry, and Melinda just to name a few. First thing I did on Saturday morning was "treat" myself to a bike ride - I rode out along the course to OK falls turned around and on the way back rode UP  a VERY steep hill to the Blasted Church Winery.  I have been deteremined to go there for the last 3 years - everytime I

My feet have ADD.

Yesterday was the 4th in the 5 Peaks Series - Whistler.  I did not run it......  now hold on - I have some good reasons.  This was supposed to be a down year and well I came to the realization that I am pretty much training as hard as I did last year for Ironman - just minus the swimming.  I am training 6 days a week in preparation for the Gran Fondo and the New York Marathon.  It is taking its toll on me. For those who have not trail raced it is a double-edged sword - the course are stunning - when you get a chance to look around.  They are fun, exciting, terrifying and super challenging.  There is no down-time or auto pilot on a trail race- you are in the moment the whole race.  I love it.  I am not great at them but am getting alot better and look forward to the runs as exhausting and difficult as they can be.  The thing about trail running is you have to trust your feet.  Your brain already reads and tells your feet what to do.  But what do you do when your feet have ADD?!?

The Big Climb

Okay so maybe the climb was not Avoriaz but it was tough enough. I have mentioned that there is a new bike race this year the Whistler Gran Fondo. This is a 120km bike ride from Vancouver to Whistler Ski resort along the Sea – to- Sky highway. We have put in a women’s team and a few of us decided to ride the Squamish to Whistler portion this past Saturday. The plan was to meet in Squamish – the halfway point of the race – ride the last 60km to Whistler, coffee and then ride back to the cars in Squamish. This would give us a bird’s eye view of the last 60km of the race where most of the climbing will be. Saturday was a hot one and of course it gets hotter the higher and more inland you go. I realized as soon as we started riding that I forgot to put on Sunscreen. – Ah what are you going to do? The first bit was not bad and being a climber I was like this is not too bad. Overall the ride up was not bad there was a lot of wind so it helped t

Helloooo - Anyone out there?

I know I have been remiss in posting but it was with good reason. My lawyer asked me to stop posting and go off-line till I had settled with ICBC. It was the least I could do since I insisted that I wanted this finished and to move on. I am happy to report that I have settled and now no longer have to worry about being followed and such. Not that it really stopped me before but it is just nice to close the door and move on. So what’s been going on since April/May lots!!!! Some triumphs and some frustrations and in between a whole lot of training. I was a pace bunny at the Vancouver Half Marathon and promoted myself up to 2:15 as my recovery has been going well. I am pleased to report that I did 2:14:34 a smidge fast but what’s a bunny to do? In April Special K, Pam and I started doing trail running clinics in anticipation of running the 5 Peaks trail race series and possibly putting in a relay team in to Stormy. The clinics are run by Tom and Duncan from Solomon Flight Cre

see it, believe it, live it

During 2010 olympics some of the news reports indicated that some athletes might have felt the pressure and not been able to perform in clutch.  While no where near their potential or ability as an athlete I can sort of understand and the tool to cope with this is visualization. I know, I know - whatever Shaun and up to just over a year and a half ago I would have thought the same.  But then coach Larry, Zimich, did this visualization exercise with us at the start of the spin class. He talked about energy, he talked about pain, he talked about the race, the spectators, the great moments the bleak moments right to the end of the ride.  THEN we did the workout and it was amazing - I was still in rehab at that time but the gains I got that day and the abillity to visualize the pain and work through it was amazing.  I came away with a big lesson that day - see it, believe it, live it - the biggest hurdle we overcome is our mental selves.  WOW - talk about an epiphany and just in the ni


Dogmatic: 1. characterized by or given to the expression of opinions very strongly or positively as if they were facts 2. Of or pertaining to or characteristic of a doctrine or code of beliefs accepted as authoritative 3. based on assumption rather than empirical observation 4. tending to force one's opinions on other people So why would I list all of these different definitions for dogmatic you ask? I lead half marathon clinics out of one of the biggest stores in the lower mainland. When I originally started doing these 5 years ago we had about 70 - 80 people that would register. This current clinic as an official registration of 113, in actuality there are about 121 committed to the training program for Sunday long runs and then there are the drop-ins - folks that want the group run and the distance but feel they don't need the structure of the clinic - this makes up about 30 - 60 other runners that join us on Sunday runs. You can see that the groups now become mass

What makes a good coach?

I was asked the question and so I went on to the internet and googled it.  Well as you can guess I received 22,000,000 hits.  Now being a person with self professed ADD I quickly reviewed the first 10 hits and came to the conclusion that they all said similar things - Dedicated, knows thier sport, continues to educate themselves, ability to encourage athletes to strive to be better, encourages fair play, the list went on but you get the gist of it.  So then I thought about my coaches - I have 2 - my athletic/cycling coach and my life coach. Both amazing women in their own right. I hired Barb because of her street creed - she came highly recommended to me.  I did a lot of research when I was looking for a cycling coach and her name came up every time.  What I liked about her was she had a great resume and that encouraged me to approach her. I was intimidated by it and was honest that I might be too novice for  her but after sharing emails with her and going out and meeting her for


Well I am not going to lie - I have the doldrums.  The olympics and the paralympics are gone and I am sad.  For those that were not here it was truly one of the most amazing experiences.  I loved and cherished every moment - literally every moment and am so grateful that I live in Vancouver/lower mainland.  The energy was amazing and it was so incredible for people here to not only embrace both events but to embrace being Canadian.  I am a fanatic about being Canadian for those that looked at my photos from Ireland, Joe and myself are both wearing Canada memorabilia not because we thought people would be nicer to us - I mean we were in Ireland -  they are nice to everyone, but because we were proud to be Canadians.  I remember my stepdaughter saying to me - you can't wear that hat - people will know you are a tourist and mug you.  We both looked at her and said we understood the risk but were willing to take it - trust me - my husband who grew up in Belfast was constantly lecturi

Glove Love - 2010

Hey all  I hope you are enjoying the olympics as much as I am - it is such an amazing atmosphere here in Vancouver.  Honestly I am totally loving the summer olympics (just kidding).  My gloves and I spend everyday downtown just soaking up the atmosphere.  I have come up with a little project to keep me occupied while waiting in line ups and such - GLOVE LOVE and have a little photo album on facebook of me and my gloves around the Olympics. Here is the link - I hope you enjoy.  Go Canada Go Shaun

Go Canada Go!

I know, I know I promised that I would check in more often but a lot of things have happened over the last few weeks.  I am now a certified community triathlon coach.  I have registered a domain - and I was laid off.  Oh and you might have heard about a small event happening here  - the Olympics.  The job - it is a blessing - I was very unhappy there and am relieved I do not ever have to go back there.  Being laid off is a total blessing plus it means I get to enjoy the olympics thoroughly.  And trust me I have been - I had 2 friends actually run with the torch which was amazing - they are rock stars - a chill went down my spine when they had their torches lit and were running - absolutely breathtaking - and I was only watching.  I also had a chance to go to the Opening Ceremonies rehearsals and was enthralled and so proud to be Canadian.  Lastly I am going to go to a hockey game next week so am super excited about that and do not leave the house without all my

It is an individual journey

I may have mentioned that I lead/coach half marathon clinics out of the local Running room.  The big race in Vancouver each year is the BMO Vancouver International Half marathon, which is run in May and this particular clinic tends to be the largest.  Currently there is 106 registered and counting. Special K is helping me lead the clinic because of the size of it.  I am also at the same time wrapping up the Fort Langly Historic Half clinic - their race is in February so there is some juggling for the next few weeks.  One of the first things I tell people is to focus on themselves and to not worry about what the person beside, in front or behind them is doing.  I tell them this is their journey not the person beside them, it does not matter if they are faster or slower what matters is what they do.  That the only person that will hold them back is themselves.  I have a young lady in the Fort Langley clinic who is the classic person that is worried about what everyone else is doing

I love the WET/West coast

Sorry for not checking in for a while - no excuse really just busy getting back into it. Today was absolutely gorgeous - one of the reasons I love living in Vancouver.  I can ride pretty much all year but the last few weeks the rides have been WET.  Today clear skys, sun and just gorgeous. I had an amazing ride and loved every moment of it.  This is a good thing as I registered for the Whistler Gran Fondo bike race in September.  Race plans have changed a bit - I sat down with Coach Barb and based on that I changed somethings up.  The first being registering for the Bike race. It will be the inaugural year - the race goes from Downtown Vancouver to Whistler along the Sea-to-sky highway.  The organizers have said they will be closing one lane - which if they actually do will be amazing.  I am super excited to do this race - beautiful course - challenging and only 120kms..... Next up I threw my hat in to the NY Marathon Lotto - cross your fingers - I have heard this is an amazing r