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gran disappointment

over a month ago was the Whistler Gran Fondo - this was my "A" event for the year.   As the title of this post says it was a big disappointment to say the least.  The expectations by all were high - I had been rocking all the training rides.  I was strong - I was back to pre-accident form if not better.  I was at the front of the hills - I was holding on strong to the super fast group.  I could hold my own and I was dropping peeps on hills again - this was going to be awesome I was going to break 5 hours and 4.5 hours was a very realistic goal.  I was pumped.  Ride strategy had been pondered and talked about over with Jude and I had my game plan - the last ride was fantastic - I was relaxed, I was ready, I was excited. Last ride went well I felt great, enjoyed the rest of my long weekend and then Monday night the ominous itch in my throat started. SHIT - no need to panic - gargle with salt water and off to bed.  Tuesday am - I wake up  and ghhhhh, gaaaak, hrrrrrrghhh,