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All I want for Christmas....

Ok everyone - I know that it is supposed to the season of giving and such but I really, really, really want this. A Confirmed Race Registration for Challenge Roth Full Distance Triathlon Race for 2015.    On early Saturday morning (dec 6) - REALLY EARLY  - 3:00am PST early - I have one last chance to grab a slot through on-line registration. What I like about this is that I will also get to make a donation if successful to a worthy charity as part of my registration - which I think is a really great thing the Roth group is doing. Here is the issue there are only 300 spots and I am as anxious as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs that I again will not be fast enough again.  I just HAVE to do this race.  The last time I was this anxious about something was when I was waiting to see if I had gotten one of 10 coveted spots for Team Nathan in 2009.  So if you could all do a power hum, fingers and toes crossing thing for me I would really appreciate it. Oh and if yo