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13 hours 50 minutes - goal time

That is right boys and girls you read it - 13 hours 50 minutes! That is the goal time for Ironman. How did I come up with that time. Well I have played with numbers in my head and thought I would be happy with finishing and all else is gravy. But last night in Spin class - our coach Larry - who is really working on our mental attitudes asked - what are your goals and I squeaked out Ironman - he was like NO - more specific - I was like to finish - he was like NO - more specific and then well someone else foolishly piped up and the heat was off of me for the time being. However Judith - aka - my guardian angel - after the class said to me what is your goal time I was like I thought maybe 15 hours and she was like - no you can do way better than that. She was like I think you can do 14.30 hours - I was like really and she was like you are can swim you are stronger than me on the bike when you want to be and you are a runner - you should make your goal 13:59! Okayyyyyy Sparky - let&#

100% mental - you just have to believe....

Slowly but surely I am able to do more and more which pleases me. I am sure I mentioned before that I coach 1/2 marathon clinics and as part of that I arrange for speakers. I have always been interested in bringing in some one to talk about sports psychology and since working with Barb and Larry Zimich I finally found someone. Larry is one of my cycle coaches, specifically I do the spin classes with him where we work on heart rate and cadence. He also does alot with us on mental and how we need to think like winners. So I asked him to talk to my group and what a hit he was. He talked about how training is 90% subconscious and 10% conscious. He gave examples of how he takes his groups out and pushes - which he does - and pushes. In one example the had his guys do 6 speed repeats and kept on them to get their speed up to 48km/hr and the got close or got there. He then had them stop, get off the bikes and talk to them, head them close their eyes and visualize themselves riding,