13 hours 50 minutes - goal time

That is right boys and girls you read it - 13 hours 50 minutes! That is the goal time for Ironman. How did I come up with that time. Well I have played with numbers in my head and thought I would be happy with finishing and all else is gravy.

But last night in Spin class - our coach Larry - who is really working on our mental attitudes asked - what are your goals and I squeaked out Ironman - he was like NO - more specific - I was like to finish - he was like NO - more specific and then well someone else foolishly piped up and the heat was off of me for the time being. However Judith - aka - my guardian angel - after the class said to me what is your goal time I was like I thought maybe 15 hours and she was like - no you can do way better than that. She was like I think you can do 14.30 hours - I was like really and she was like you are can swim you are stronger than me on the bike when you want to be and you are a runner - you should make your goal 13:59! Okayyyyyy Sparky - let's not get all crazy here - but then we started talking some more. I really do admire her and the other ladies - Catherine, Cindy and Karen that I ride with they are all amazing. And with the exception of Karen all Ironman finishers so I know they know what they are talking about.

Judith was like listen - take it easy in your training right now - listen to your body - let it heal. She was like right now you could do Ironman and you would finish - Wow - really? - she was like without a doubt - right now you could do it and finish. So she said your goal now is to train so that you enjoy the race. Everything you do now should be so that come race day you get to enjoy the race - it is still going to be hard but it will be your reward. She said no junk miles - only quality - if it is not going to help you be stronger and enjoy the race then it is junk training/miles. She said think about things that will help - ie weights, yoga, core training - all things to help. Then she said go home write down that time, post it in a few spots so you see it all the time, visualize the course, visualize times for each portion, believe. Remember to think what I am going to do with this minute and then do it.

So again - 13 hours-50 minutes for Ironman and oh while I am it 6 hours for Oliver!!! Yeehaw.



Anonymous said…
If anyone can do it, you can!!!

We'll push you whenever necessary (and sometimes just cause its fun)

Anonymous said…
hi shaun, i finally found your blog and have time to read it. you WILL do it and you HAVE the capacity to meet and exceed your goal time.

good luck!!! see you at the first half...

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