100% mental - you just have to believe....

Slowly but surely I am able to do more and more which pleases me.

I am sure I mentioned before that I coach 1/2 marathon clinics and as part of that I arrange for speakers. I have always been interested in bringing in some one to talk about sports psychology and since working with Barb and Larry Zimich I finally found someone. Larry is one of my cycle coaches, specifically I do the spin classes with him where we work on heart rate and cadence. He also does alot with us on mental and how we need to think like winners.

So I asked him to talk to my group and what a hit he was. He talked about how training is 90% subconscious and 10% conscious. He gave examples of how he takes his groups out and pushes - which he does - and pushes. In one example the had his guys do 6 speed repeats and kept on them to get their speed up to 48km/hr and the got close or got there. He then had them stop, get off the bikes and talk to them, head them close their eyes and visualize themselves riding, visualized the speedo reading 50, visualize their HR reading 95%. Then he had them get on their bikes and do one more repeat - everyone busted the 50km/hr and HR all higher and afterwards he asked them and they said that they knew they could do it because they had seen it.

After the talk I had the group go out for a 4 km run - I told them to think about what time they wanted - to reach past that time - shoot for the stars. And they did every single one of them did and ran 2 - 3 minutes faster than they ever had before - it was great. I was thrilled for them - you could see the light in their eyes - and that is what I want as we move into the hill training phase. That fire so they push during the workouts and see the results.

This is important for me to remember and to work on - seeing myself - last year I did it a lot going into Oliver - Actually I envisioned the swim and the bike not the run - and oddly the run is where I had some troubles. I also did not put specific numbers/times I just envisioned completing in reg time. So now I will envision times and feelings and how I will deal with them.

Actually on Saturday while I was riding for a couple of hours in the pouring rain - I told you I despise my trainer - I again made myself hit each hill and ride further up past my turn-off and while riding up them I imagined Maclean Hill, Richter's Pass and the rollers. Only 8 months to go now - so much work......



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