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Anatomy on how NOT to run a major Race

It is just over 2 weeks since June bug, Pam and I went to Vegas to do the Vegas Rock'n'Roll Half marathon. I have run lots of marathons, half marathon, and triathlons and I can honestly say I will NOT run this race ever again and it will take some serious convincing for me to even consider ever doing another Rock'n'Roll event again. I was super excited about this race as I have heard good things from friends about the Rock'n'Roll races and this would be my first one.  I expected a class act - I mean if you run dozens of races across the states and world you figure you got it down to a fine art- right?  This is the first time they would be running the race at night but the race had been there for at least 6 years since I had friends who ran it in 2005.  Besides the change to night they had increased registration to 44,000 but I was not concerned - Dublin was 27,000 and it worked out well and New York was 57,000 so I did not see that that would be a problem.