My feet have ADD.

Yesterday was the 4th in the 5 Peaks Series - Whistler. 

I did not run it......  now hold on - I have some good reasons. 

This was supposed to be a down year and well I came to the realization that I am pretty much training as hard as I did last year for Ironman - just minus the swimming.  I am training 6 days a week in preparation for the Gran Fondo and the New York Marathon.  It is taking its toll on me.

For those who have not trail raced it is a double-edged sword - the course are stunning - when you get a chance to look around.  They are fun, exciting, terrifying and super challenging.  There is no down-time or auto pilot on a trail race- you are in the moment the whole race.  I love it.  I am not great at them but am getting alot better and look forward to the runs as exhausting and difficult as they can be. 

The thing about trail running is you have to trust your feet.  Your brain already reads and tells your feet what to do.  But what do you do when your feet have ADD?!?  This is what I said to my trail coaches - Tom and Duncan.  See my brain tells my feet rock, root, rock and my feet go got it!  Then 2 seconds later my feet go - ooohhhh pretty flower and I am on my ass or hobbling with a rolled ankle. 

The last trail race was about 4 weeks ago on the top of Mount Seymour - it is supposed to be the toughest and most technical course - I believe them it was brutal - even the mountain goats were like dumb humans!  Anyways I ran it and while I did not roll an ankle I did tweak my right ankle - and ever since then I have been having some issues.  Nothing so major as to make me stop running but it has been causing me some issues. Specifically my ankle keeps locking up - even on bike rides now and foot has been going numb - this i probably not a good thing....

So based on those minor issues and the fact that I have 2 big races coming up and am leading a clinic I decided to listen to my good angel and not go up and race Whistler.  That and there was snow at the top - my feet and their ADD would have definately meant my ass would have been touching snow by the end of that race.  However I am going to run Bunzten in September it will be the last in the series and I am Sooooo doing the whole series next year - I would recommend them to anyone - it is a great series and well run.  I wonder if you can get topical ritalen for your feet?

Peace out



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