Summer at last

The weather on the "wet" coast has been absolutely fabulous the past couple of weeks - better than it was all darn summer?!? So much so that I am hoping it holds for the weekend so I can take Shazam out for a ride. With the final sizing tweaks done I am beside myself to get out and ride her on the road.

Last night was the first night back at Spin class -OMG - killer as usual but I love it. I love knowing that it is just another piece of in the puzzle to Ironman. It was nice to see the ladies I ride with since I have not rode with them since June - Lottie just did not have it in her for the climbs and I wanted to spare them listening to me curse. They are so inspirational the 4 of them - on Sunday the did the triple mountain ride. First I heard of it - they rode Mount Seymour then over and up Grouse mountain and then over to Cypress Mountain - all finished in under 6 hours. AND then they showed up for Spin Class last night - I am not sure I am in the same league as these ladies.

So after the Spin class - I showered and zipped home to take dog for a walk - a quick dinner and off to Swimming. Brad is determined to get my stroke right and I have told him whatever it takes - let's do it but cripes he is sadistic little fellow! Last night he gave me a 5 pound weight on a belt to wear while I swam to fix my whole hip /shoulder rotation and then just to make it fun he gave me paddles - since my pull is -he did not say it out loud but pathetic would be my interpretation from the look on his face. Egads it was tough swimming but after I took off the weight I did feel like I swam a little better so here is hoping.

Thank goodness today is rest day - as I plan for tomorrows hi-jinx - Run in the am - weights at lunch, swim at night - seeing if I am organized enough I may even ride to work and home. However that may be considered overtraining - not sure.

Peace out


Kirsten said…
you went to a hardcore spin class and then swam with WEIGHTS on you. i think that makes you in a pretty high class of your own there boss lady.
Shazam said…
To call is swimming would be generous .... but I did not ride 3 mountains in one day....

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