Canada Day PB

Yep another PB for the year!!! Canada Day 10km WALK - walk? Walk? You are a runner why were you not running you ask? Well because my good friend Carol - aka Care Bear has been injured for the past 3 months and to ensure that she did not run the race Bishop (my border collie) and I showed up to walk the course with her.

See Carol has been doing physio and other stuff for the past 3 monthsbut has continued to run. She has been telling us that she has clearance to run but she got busted last week. That is right - the jig was up. See we all share the same physio and well needless to say between all of us we found out that she was not supposed to be running at all... which would explain why she is still injured.

So the gang decided to stage an intervention - which has been more than a little difficult as Carol coaches a 5km clinic, is one of the pace leaders for my half marathon clinic and registers for every race under the sun. To say Carol is addicted to running is an understatement! And she is a type A personality who is a smidge stubborn (sounds like someone else I know). However as a group we are determined and committed to getting her healthy and back to running full-time. As part of the intervention I have banned her from running with my clinic for 2 weeks, Kirsten has been taking out Carol's clinic on Mondays and Saturday mornings and Tannis - aka Trail monkey- has stepped up to run with Carol's clinic on Wednesday nights.

Carol was taking it all very well which naturally made me suspicious and then June, or maybe it was Kirsten, let it slip at breakfast that Carol was registered for the 10km Canada Day race. Really?!?!

Nice Try.... Imagine the look on Carol's face when Bishop and I showed up at the start line (LOL)! I told her we would be there but I don't think she really believed me. So the three of us had a lovely 10km walk and we both posted our fastest ever 10km walk time. 1:45 and some change. Tough love you betcha but I know Carol would return the favor if the proverbial shoe was on the other foot.



Kerry said…
Hey!!! I just saw your comment on my blog! So this year wasn't so great but I am still on my way to Ironman Canada. I will read up on your blog as soon as I have a chance. It was really nice to hear from you!

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