Taking it easy

So I have been feeling a little guilty - I have not really been doing much since Oliver - the locked ankle was a little more serious with some minor ligament strain so I did not run for 3 weeks or so, I was also told no swimming as well so that left the bike. A good friend of mine bought a new training bike and wanted to reduce inventory so I am the proud owner of my first mountain bike - actually it is a hybrid and well since I have no gear I am using it as a commuter bike. I have started riding to work - I live on the side of a mountain so the ride to work it pretty good 15km pretty much down hill the ride home - yep 15km pretty much uphill. I try to ride 3 times a week but still feel like I am slacking.

3 weeks ago my new half marathon clinic started - usually this is a small clinic - 40 tops - not this one - 60+ people! I think it must be due to being a featured clinic leader in the lastest Running Room magazine. Either way that means I started running again and since I want to do a fall full marathon I have been doing add-ons on Sunday.

Swimming has been - well pretty much non-existant - I have been to the local pool twice and used my pool twice when I am particularly lazy - but since it is only 15 metres it is not ideal.

Why am I listing all this because it has dawned on me that I have a sprint tri in 2 weeks.... yeesh this should be interesting to say the least. Ah well I guess it will be for participation. I should probably try and do at least one brick before....


Anonymous said…
There is so much to say about recovery. You still have your big goals in mind and are aiming towards them. There is no need to break yourself before then! Listen to your body, its usually right.
Shazam said…
blah, blah, blah yes wise one...

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